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La Cremeria : The Creamier New Look

What could be better than having a unlimited scoop of creamy, melting and chocolaty ice cream? Seriously nothing could be better and the best thing is you can have it at your home too with an affordable price of RM16.89 (West Malaysia) and RM16.99 (East Malaysia). Head down to any major hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide to get yourself a few tub to begin your La Cremeria indulgence…

Not convinced to buy a tub yet?? I shall make your jaw open wide with saliva dropping that you will reach for your car key to make a purchase immediately!!!!!

Wait up, not going to jump straight to the ice cream before showing you the gorgeous ladies inspired by these La Cremeria Ice Cream flavours…

Ok not showing the La Cremeria girls yet..We are not that bad looking too la okay??

La Cremeria1Black & White theme!

La Cremeria2My black blazer& suede leather bag!

Black Blazer with Ribbon: New Look

White Peplum Dress: Asos

Suede Leather Bag: Poxzy, Fahrenheit


La Cremeria3with other gorgeous blogger….

La Cremeria4with Kah Mon

See told you we look good too right?? Juli Woon the gorgeous mcee for the day invite Nestle representative to be on stage for a short speech.

La Cremeria7Juli Woon

La Cremeria8

Now the real ice cream beauty is on stage!! Which 6 flavour they representing?


and the official re-launch of La Cremeria begin!

La Cremeria17Cut it down for more creamy ice cream

Are you ready??? Here is the flavour each of them is representing!

La Cremeria18

The all new La Cremeria launched today has creamier that it glide easily on my tongue and melt before it reach my throat, definitely a satisfying indulgence!!!!!! The product freshness is well kept by the improved container with stronger & tighter tub caplock.

We are then lead by each gorgeous lady based on the number given during registration. My lucky number is 5!!! and I start with Chocolate Obsession!

La Cremeria22

Chocolate Obsession filled with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce that melt in my mouth giving the mmmmm yummeh expression!!!!!!! Absolutely chocolaty and creamy!!!!


Vanilla Cashew Delight contain generous amount of chocolate chips, cashew nuts, and velvety chocolate sauce. Sadly this is my least favourite because of the strong vanilla essence! Too vanilla for me, well if you are a fan of Vanilla then this might be for you!


Chocolate Hazelnut Temptation, Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream with lots of peanuts and Velvety chocolate hazelnut sauce. It was too creamy for my liking..but the peanut sure good to chew!!! Crunch, Crunch, Crunch!


Strawberry Dream claimed to have lots of strawberries pieces with creamy strawberry & vanilla ice cream. I wasn’t lucky as my scoop contains only one strawberry bite….I really love the strawberry aroma but it would be better if they have more strawberry bites!


Almond Pecan Praline, delicious pecan flavoured ice cream with almond chunks and velvety swirls of chocolate sauce Very similar to Hazelnut Ganache but i like the latter one more because it being more crunchy!


My favourite among all, Hazelnut Ganache Sensation made from delicious Crème Brulee flavoured ice cream containing almond chunks and chocolate chips swirled in chocolate hazelnut sauce. Oh boy these are real smooth and so creammy…Each bite is so crunchy and smooth at the same time!!!!! DELICIOUS!!


This ice cream can be eat by itself or can be taken while watching tv, movie or watching your favourite youtube! The sweet sensation sure satisfy your sweet tooth!!!!!! Get ready to sink your teeth in these scoop of delicious La Cremeria ice cream at the comfort of your house.

As what I mentioned earlier, La cremeria comes in 1.2L at RM16.89 (West Malaysia) and RM16.99 (East Malaysia) also available in 100ml serving cup like the La Cremeria Almond Pecan Praline and La Cremeria Vanilla Cashew Delight are currently sold at retail prices of RM3.00 (WestMalaysia and RM3.20 (East Malaysia) and available at selected convenient stores nationwide.

La Cremeria35

Another good news is you can win prizes and join some fun activities in all the road shows held around Malaysia from September to November 2013 in conjunction with this re launch of La Cremeria ice cream. For more info checkout

Before I end the post let me show you another picture of me enjoying the ice creammmmssssssss…..La Cremeria32

La Cremeria is one of the participating Brands in the NESTLÉ Bonanza Hari Keluarga Malaysia Contest. Consumer may use the lid of the La Cremeria1.2L or La Cremeria 100ml as the point of purchase to enter the contest. For more information on La Cremeria products, activities and contest, please call Nestlé at1-800-88-3433 between 9 am and 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays.

Signing off..

p/s I am still in Langkawi..Coming back tomorrow!



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