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ESCAPE – Teaser and Launch

In the modern age of technology, mobility and connectivity are essentially integrated in the daily life as progress of smart devices bridging the gap closer each day. Imagine catching your favourite movie, prime time news or even K-Pop concert whilst on the highway, freeway or your way, now exclusively for Celcom customers nationwide, Introducing ESCAPE, your own world of entertainment that you can enjoy wherever you go.

clip_image002ESCAPE into the Entertainment World

ESCAPE is an online movie library with a variety of Hollywood, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi and Local movies. Users are also able to enjoy live events, live news, Concerts, Red Carpet Events and TV series, all at the comfort at your mobile device.

clip_image004Woah.. Even Iron Man 3 is on air in ESCAPE

With a variety of movie genres (Action, thriller, comedy, drama, horror, romance) and over 500 movies available from only 80 cents per hour to choose from and Hi-resolution images are delivered via adaptive streaming technology for excellent video quality across devices, entertainment viewing have never been better as you’ll never miss another moment, event, or even your favourite show again with the Pause & Play function, you can pause the selected movie on one device and continue watching on another device as you please at anytime and anywhere. The world of entertainment is truly in your hands.

clip_image006Horror marathon? ESCAPE and immersed into it

So now you can watch it on your laptop, tablet or smartphone (compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows). Download the app for FREE on your mobile to ESCAPE on the go.

Once you downloaded you just need to sign up if you are not a member yet and if you are just sign in!!!!






Movie quality is good as you can see below even after I screen shot the image doesn’t really pixelate right?


ESCAPE is currently having a guessing challenge which there is a number of hints and clues provided that revolve on the mystery person exclusively for Celcom customers. Guess it right and you could win irresistible reward on ESCAPE.

Here are some of the clues:

“I’ve been to Shanghai twice. In a rush hour, three times.”

“I guided The Kid. I became The Master.”

“I’m Mr. Nice Guy. But don’t pick a fight with me.”

“I’ve been a panda. I’ve been a hyena.”

Easy peasy, right? Watch the video for more hints.

In the video, a man is fighting off several people and showing some kung fu moves, but we never see his face.

It ends with a close up of his hand reaching out through a water ripple.

With those movements as tranquil as the water flowing from the falls and solid footwork had definitely been reminded of Sammo Hung and even Jet Li. So put on those thinking caps and get those ideas pour out and you just might score with hours and hours of video content on ESCAPE.

Just SMS your answer to 20888 and the best part, you can send as many as you want!

For more information, visit www.ESCnow.com now.
Register at www.ESCnow.com now to ESCAPE for your personal world of entertainment that you can take with you wherever you go.

Available exclusively to Celcom subscribers nationwide.


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