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“Mission Control, we have identified the location of ‘KGB’. Standing by for extraction.”

Few weeks ago, we visit another burger joint called ‘Killer Gourmet Burger’ or KGB with Foodirector to indulge the variants of burger that they have in the menu to offer. So put the gourmet suits on and entice those taste buds, let’s find out what’s the killing element in KGB.

Situated in Bangsar, just along the row behind Devi’s Corner, KGB rest between the shop rows which shared the space with another shop (Half lot basis) which contribute to their minimal space for dine-in. Despite of such, they had made the best of it by extending the opening air seating outside which is great as catching the glimpse of the surroundings that could be interesting watch on night life in Bangsar.

clip_image002[4]The outward

The Mission deBrief

Sporting a simple set up in the kitchen with well coordinate team to bring the burgers piping hot for service.

clip_image004[4]Kitchen team prepping the burgers

While we patiently await the burgers to be served, we have set our eyes towards the menu which comprise of many variants that could cater to many preferences (Chicken / Beef).


Here is a sampling of the team prepping the patty on the griller for service. Truly awesome sight.

clip_image006[4]Prepping the patty

The Mission

Starting with basics, we are in treat with ‘The Shack’. It comprises of the smashed patty (A technique which is used to retain natural flavours) which is grilled while maintain its moisture and topped with sharp cheddar along with the shack sauce that leaves a slight tangy taste and enhance the overall flavours though they could add up certain ingredients to give the burger more character.

clip_image008[4]The Shack – RM 12.90

Next up, we have the ‘Bella Bomb’ which is said to be the favourites among the rest. The combination of the grilled Portobello mushroom, topped with fried egg and a dash of garlic aioli, to complement the variant ingredient and bringing the bite, a delightful one.

clip_image010[4]Bella Bomb (Vege) – RM 15.90

We are going international on the next number as ‘Seoul’ is bringing diversity in burgers to whole new level. Serving with the parmesan crusted chicken patty and fried egg on top, the kimchi and its mayo are the main element that gives the name. Slight hint of sour and salty that infused with the patty and the dressing gives the bite of even flavours though the batter on the patty could be a different type.

clip_image012[4]Seoul – RM 15.90

Bashing through the interval of meals, we have the burger, ‘Bash’. The initially glance would entice praying eyes as its provolone cheese envelope the grilled patty along with the caramelize onions and beef bacon relish which tucked in nicely beneath the cheese while top with a dash of corn flakes on it. The result is a bite of flowing juice from the patty while the ingredients give it a full savoury delight. It tasted fairly sweet within the normal range of sweetness. The texture is absolute indulgence as the caramelized onion isn’t too soft or soggy and the crispy bacon with crunchy cornflake is amazing mix.

clip_image014[4]Bash – RM 18.90

Oh yea, Bella pummels ‘em down or not. Coming in with a bang is ‘Bella Bomb’. This tall looking burger is a force to be reckoned with as the combination of its huge Portobello mushroom and the grilled patty, leaving the mouth wide open to ingest the bite. The cheese is placed into the Portobello which is then seasoned with batter and tossed to fry. The texture is soft and tangy but the patty was tad salty which could be attributed with its marination seasoning. Though the mammoth looking burger is something, the lack of greens and the shack sauce wasn’t sufficient to complement its size and flavour from the Portobello.

clip_image016[4]Bella Bomb (Meat) – RM 21.90

Coming in spicy hot is the ‘Bobcat’. Apart from its name, the flavour is certainly spices up the burger. Topped with the roasted green chilli on the provolone cheese, the patty taste is overwhelmed by the intensity of the jalapeno mayo and the green chilli which leaves the taste bud numb from the spice pungent effect.

clip_image018[4]Bobcat – RM 15.90

Swirling into the menu is the ‘Tornado’ which the outline of its presentation, comes flowing with dressing sauce. The burger is comprised of the grilled patty which topped with the fried egg and onions along with a dash of fiery mayo that taste similar to hot sauce mixed mayo. The patty is juicy and goes hand in hand with toppings though its tad salty.

clip_image020[4]Tornado – RM 15.90

Wrapping in a packet of sunshine is the ‘Sunshine Bella’. Comprised of the grilled sliced Portobello, the combination of the sunny side and garlic aioli dressing gives the overall flavour a difference that might appeal to some as it is light to bite however the bun is tad too buttery and the butter just greasy, not the one with the infused aroma.

clip_image022[4]Sunshine Bella – RM 14.90

For the next burger, it sure kicked something in the bowel process due to wasabi mayonnaise which didn’t quite agree with the others. ‘Chicken Kicking’ is comprised of the parmesan crusted chicken with sharp cheddar and the wasabi mayo dressing. The battered patty is fried which attributed to its lack of moist and less tender that coupled with dressing which mustard or the garlic aioli might be a preferred choice for us.

clip_image024[4]Chicken Kickin’ – RM 15.90

What are burgers without the fries which is why the next serving of fries to compliment the burger. ‘Herbed Fries’ is interesting method of serving as the fries is topped with rosemary herbs but it didn’t fit quite well with the fries.

clip_image026[4]Herbed Fries – RM 9.90

Serving next up is the ‘Kimchi fries’. We find the flavour is unique and tasty. Given the multiple dressing on top of the fries which resembles con carne fries but with Kimchi (which is comprise of seasoned vegetables, capsicum, and onions), and sour cream, the fries just fair normal as the kimchi taste is overpowered by the sour cream and cheese as mentioned by Mokky.

clip_image028[4]Kimchi with Bulgogi Beef Fries – RM 13.90

Another variant of fries is the ‘Shortrib Poutine’. The rib is boiled for 10 hours to draw the gravy. The rib flakes on top of the fries is great but lack of that strong flavour of rib which gives it character in terms of taste. A very interesting way of serving the fries… We love this combination but it will be better if the ribs flakes has strong flavour.

clip_image030[4]Shortrib Poutine – RM 13.90

The End?

After the heavy meals on the burgers, it’s time to take a slow number by relaxing and giving some feedbacks on the burgers while understanding the concept that takes the shape in ‘KGB’. Started of the idea from all American burger chain, they started up this joint. One of the co-founders, Joey is a former auditor which was well paid but till she had found her true calling, she resigned to pursue her calling in this which is admirable and a great way to start it off.

They watch all their burgers which inspire them to create more recipes for a wider market. They have smashed burger patties so those Americans who likes it, can have a second option and smashed burger are drier compared to grill which is why most burgers are grilled. The beef patty is using 100% Australian grass fed beef which is tender and soft in texture while the chicken patty uses breast meat which gives a solid texture while maintaining the moisture which Mokky had commented that the chicken patty is juicy.

clip_image032[4]Set Menu

Their burgers can be included into a set menu which requires additional topping up of RM 5.50 which includes a bottle of soft drinks and fries.

With that we had concluded our evening for some burger experience which we were in treat to their menus for some of the best sellers. Special thanks to Foodirector for organizing the hangout and ‘KGB’ for having us on the evening.

Till the next review, see ya’ll.


KGB Killer Gourmet Burgers

Telawi Bangsar,
23, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 03-2201-1220

Open 5pm-11pm, except Tuesdays. Should open for lunch starting July.



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