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SOTHYS Pyjamas Party

Hello lovelies, it’s Holiday again!! Are you looking forward for holidayssss? I certainly does!!! So what are the thing you looking forward for in holidays?? Travelling? Hangout with Family & Friends? Day where you can enjoying your hobby?? Well for me is the time when I can sleep like nobody business!!!!!!! I am an owl who can stay awake at night and love to sleep till past noon!!!! That feeling is so amazing but often it gives bad effect to my health and skin too! If you are one of the midnight junkie like me you must realize when you are awake your skin become so dull and dry, dark eye circle, sore throat and a mere headache some time!!!!!!!!!

So I attended Pyjamas Party last week organized by SOTHYS a collaboration with Lilac Box where I was thought how to get a BEAUTY Sleep!!!!!!!!!! Not just sleep BUT Beauty Sleep where you feel beautiful when you wake up!

**This is a collaboration between SOTHYS & Lilac Box exclusively for all Lilac Box ‘s Subscriber!

Wait up before I move to the secret to beauty sleep, you must catch a glimpse on how Pyjamas Party will look like! I’m not sure you attended one but this is my first time!

pyjamas party

Look everyone is dressed up in pyjamas and the room is filled with bean bags for us to sleep on!

imageGirls in Pyjamas resting on bean bag..

More pictures…

Sothys2Laura, Edazz and pink top girl(I don’t know her name) **Sorry

Sothys5The two Jen !

Sothys6Sarah, Me & Swee San

Sothys7me and my soft toy!!!!!!!

Hehe..I also brought along my teddy bear set to the party!

Sothys1My Teddy Bear Collection, Isn’t it cute?

We begin by learning French which is led by KY Gan from Lilac Box… Why we learning this? Simple, SOTHYS is from France. If you want to know more about Sothys, check out this post.


Let’s begin!


We even learn some of the dialogue….


I Paris and off course French too…The accent is so soft and romantic…Ahhhh can I go Paris again?

After all the tongue twister, we begin the discovery of beauty sleep. The very important rules is for an adult, you need a minimum of 8hours sleep in order to have sufficient time to let your system rest and do it’s duty at night!

In fact you should start prepping yourself into sleeping mode at 9pm. This means, no heavy food, caffeine drinks, alcoholic drinks, heavy exercise and no big excitement after this hour! Why 9pm because that is when melatonin secretion start!

“Melatonin is a hormone that helps to control other hormones and our day-night cycle or circadian rhythm. It is made in the pineal gland in the brain and secreted into the bloodstream, peaking at night.”

You should calm down and have a relaxed mind get ready to be in deep sleep by 11pm!!!!! Yes 11pm!! My eyes literally popped out, what so early? I was just beginning to draft my blogpost or sometime out with friends for a drinks or worst to night party!


From 11pm to 3am, your body will go into DETOX, REPAIR & RENEW mode (gallbladder, liver, skin, etc) So you need to be in deep sleep in this hour! By that you should sleep from 11pm to 7am for a total of 8 hours of deep sleep!

The next thing you need to look into is your food intake!!!!!!!! Some food may help put you in deep sleep to get that beauty skin the next morning while some are causing you to have trouble to sleep.


Also you will need to protect your skin with a correct way where upon waking up you skin will look radiant and glowing!!!! That is why Grace share with us the proper way to cleanse our skin and how to take care of it using non other than SOTHYS product.

Sothys13Grace, Edazz (model of the day) and xx oops forget her name!

I love the above picture!! Everyone seem so happy!!!!!

Then the best dress for the day is announced….


So pretty isn’t she?

It’s time for some food….Healthy Food off course!! Look at those cherries….Those are my favourite..yums..


Oh they look healthily delicious..


I really enjoy the party a lot till I was to into it that I didn’t even get my pyjamas outfit a shot!!! Not sure if you can see the panda on my slipper? I draw them to match with my panda top!!LOL..

Sothys19Swee San, Edazz and Me

Sothys18The lovely Swee San & Edazz!!

After that we want for a tea together where we basically gossiping and laughing!!!!! That was really really fun things to do together!!!!!!!!!! Swee San, Jennifer, Edazz and Laura we shall come out for another tea session!!!!! Ahem so many to talk about!!!!!!! hehehe…

If you want to be a part of such cool parties remember to subscribe to The Lilac Box!! I have already gotten Box 4…only a few more left that cost at RM 49.90 each!!!!! Grab them at:

and subscribe to their The Lilac Box FB page for instant updates!

For more info on SOTHYS checkout the following link:

Well signing off hope you enjoy reading this!!!!!!!



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