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Sephora White Membership + Freebies

Hello Fabulous People, how have you been? Not sure if you followed my FB or Instagram, if you do you sure know I have been shopping and dating with my darling at Pavilion yesterday. I was forbidden from shopping since my last shopping trip i Bangkok. I only can resume shopping in January!!!!! Sob Sob….so sad….


Nevertheless, my darling will let me buy some essential item and during window shopping I spotted the Burt’s Bees lip balm in Sephora and remember Swee San tell me they are awesome and non sticky at all.. I have this chapped lip problem since a long time and never like any lip balm because I have tried (maybeline, Lip Ice, Mentholatum, Natio and many more). None of the texture please me. Out of disguise, I went on and try it on my lips… This coloured lip shimmer really caught my attention as I love the strawberry peppermint flavour on my lips.. It has a minty feeling on my lips. Also it does not give that stickiness that other lip balm give and the shimmer colours really make my lips look so sweet yet keeping it look simple.

p/s Full review coming up soon!

imageBurt’s Bee Lip Shimmer

After all that liking I am still thinking whether I should purchase it? Until the Sephora Staff show me that if I purchase anything in store, I will be getting Sephora White membership for free. On top of that I can get a RM 30 voucher to purchase any Sephora Item (Sephora Brand only).

*** RM 30 voucher Only applicable for purchases above RM 50

Wait wait, there is more freebies where I will be receiving a welcome gift from Sephora too (either shower gel or lotion) and during my birthday month I will be getting a birthday gift from Sephora (I know my friend got a compact eye shadow + lipgloss pallete during her birthday)


Nah this is what I bought yesterday!

Sephora1From Left : Sephora Eye Makeup Remover (RM 22), Burt’s Bee Lip Shimmer (RM 39) & Sephora Crayon Jumbo Liner (RM 36).

Total all I only pay RM 67..Such a great deal!!!!!! Not to mention the frebies that I will be getting later once my membership is processed!

So hurry down to Sephora near your and purchase any product to Sign up this Sephora Membership. better be hurry if your Birthday is around the corner kay? Besides you will also be receive the following benefit from the Sephora White Membership as well:


Okie happy weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!

** This is not a sponsored review. I purchase the product myself.



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