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[Product Review] Etude House: Precious Mineral Any Cushion Compact Foundation

p/s I am wearing Etude House Any Cushion in Natural Beige in all the pictures in this post.

In Malaysia, we have 365days summer with constant sunshine through out the day. Some of you in 4seasons country may thought that was great? Nope is not that great!!!! Often, my make up melts or smudged the moment i walk out from my house. Especially those make up which are not waterproof or sweat proof.


Also because I live in a tropical country, blemishes is always the No 1 problem and not to mention dull and uneven skin tone due to the 24/7 UV light exposure. Some of my skin concerns are always revolve around these few factors:

Skin Problem

Did you encounter these problems too?

Etude House introducing this new Precious Mineral Any Cushion Compact Foundation this coming September. This compact foundation is specifically formulated to target this skin problems.


“In a nut shell, it claimed to be able to ensure a long-lasting soft & gorgeous makeup for whole day. It has 6 in1 multi function in one compact foundation (UV Protection SPF50+/PA + Sebum control + Moisturizing + Whitening + Colour Correction + Cooling)”


For busy woman like me a compact and all in one foundation is something I always look forward to own one. It will be a hassle if i were to bring all my sunblock,foundation and loose powder everywhere I go! I travel quite frequent and it’s compact size is a life saver especially when I am out to meet my client, reapply is not a problem anymore. It can even fit into my pant’s pocket and to fit into my bag or clutch not a problem at all! This revolutionary foundation can be used anywhere and anytime you want! It’s easy, fast & perfect!


It come with a compact mirror and also a plastic separator to avoid the sponge to absorb all the foundation away.

Etude Cushion2Compact mirror for easy application.

The sweet pink container is lovely and the push opener is easy to be pushed open too. The sleek metallic pink finish of the container is so graceful and it’s nice to touch. 

ETUDEHOUSE Precious Mineral Any Cushion #3 (1)The sweet pink!

Texture & Scent

This foundation smell sooooo good…I can smell it even before I open it! This is the most lovely scent foundation I have ever used. When apply on my face it’s slightly wet and it takes few second to settle down and it’s not wet after that. It’s very easy to blend using the air puff and easily to spread over my face too.


Etude Cushion8

The Sponge

The Any Cushion is using this air puff sponge which make application easier and more even. However, it can be hard to reach the edges of my eyes where I need to use my finger to dab it. I also love the super fine and soft air puff…It’s so easy to glide on my face and cause no friction at all!


Cleaning the air puff is easy too…Just follow this simple step.



Internally, it has a cushion that contains the liquid foundation. You just need to slightly push the air puff against the foundation filled cushion and lightly apply it to your face.

ETUDEHOUSE Precious Mineral Any Cushion #2 (7)

Just follow this simple step!


Function & Finishing

It’s 6 in 1 function is truly amazing as this is the first foundation that I cam across has UV Protection, Moisturizing, Whitening, Cooling, Colour Correcting and Sebum Control all packed in one compact foundation. It also produce a flawless, smooth & satin finish perfect for photo shooting.

Show you the before and after I apply the ANY Cushion on my Face! I apply Any Cushion right after my moisturiser, without applying primer. Still look smooth even without primer.




Now this is the full application of ANY Cushion on my face. Can you see any scar or fine lines? Or uneven tone? I don’t think there are visible at all! As I feel this picture look almost like I have Photoshop them…But this is original okay? I did not Photoshop them only add a lil contrast to make it look clearer.

Etude Cushion4The Photo Ready Face!

Don’t you just love the flawless finish of this Any Cushion my face?

imageThe main ingredients

It’s moisturizing and sweat proof and doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky at all. It’s sebum control function ensure oil production is reduce leaving skin feel dry and non greasy. It perfectly cover all enlarged pores, fine lines, uneven skin tone and blemishes scar…The foundation is good that the concealer no longer needed anymore!


However because of it’s perfect coverage, it does feel a little heavy on my face. Frankly speaking, the colour is a little too fair for my liking. Strange thing is my guy say the colour look good on me and he love how flawless it look on it’s finishing. He compliment my make up when he first saw me that day. So you be the judge, is it too fair? Or you think it look good on me too??


Natural Beige W13 & Honey Beige W24

p/s I am using Natural Beige W13


RM 109.90 for 15g also can purchase refill (price unavailable)


Etude House Nationwide

Comparison with Other Brand (Studies done by Etude House)


What I Like? 

The flawless and satin finish is definitely the great point for purchasing this foundation. The air puff is so nice to glide on my face, it’s smooth and a lil cooling too…. The prefect coverage is simply amazing too! I was amazed by it’s 6 in 1 functions and it really felt moisturizing but not greasy at all. The scent is really lovely, I love that every time when I use it the lovely scent just linger around me…

What I Don’t Like?

Though it’s flawless but it felt like a thick layer on my face. Prefer a lighter version instead. The colour was a little too fair for me but again like I mentioned, my darling love it! So it really depending on how you like it. However, not to worry so much as there is another darker tone for this foundation. You can test it when you visit Etude store in September.


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Etude Cushion7

Till then Happy TGIF ohh….



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