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My Very First Brazilian Wax + Super Good Manicure at The Strip

I wanted to write this post for so long..I couldn’t wait to share my first time experience with Brazilian Wax but wait up I have another good pedicure to share with you girls…. I swear this is the best manicurist I have ever met!!!!!!!!!


I got this STRIP’s complimentary arm waxing voucher + 50% off any treatment on the menu from one of the Mivva Box few months back…. So here’s the thing, I usually remove my arm hair using tweezer as I feel it’s more convenient for me. In order to wax my arm hair, the hair need to be at least 6mm long (if I am not mistaken). Gosh 6mm long?? By the time it grow that long I think you literally see a woman walking around scratching her armpit!! Euuuu so disgusting…..

imageOr Shall I show off like how she do it??? while waiting for the hair to grow!

So I ask the staff if I could change to other treatment and I will top up if the price is higher. The staff say yes and I happily choose pedicure!!!!!!!!! Beside that I also decided to try the Brazilian Waxing since I can get a 50% off the original price! Such bargain don’t come by often!!!!


The Pedicure Experience

I didn’t expect the pedicure to be so AWESOME as STRIP are famous for it’s Baby Smooth Wax! The area for nails treatment are pretty compact as in only 2 sofas available for those who want to do manicure or pedicure. However, I feel comfortable sitting on the sofa while the manicurist get my nails done.


First, I was asked what is my preference colour and I tell her I want something bright and fun. She then filled my toe nails with few colour so that I can see how these colours goes on my toes before I make decision on the colour to go for.

Strip1Plenty of colour selection

p/s please pardon my bad photo quality as I forget to bring my memory card so I can only rely on my Samsung S2.

The steps for the pedicure remain similar to other nail parlour, the only difference is the manicurist complete every step with full concentration and lot more effort. I always have nail ingrown especially on my big toe…. Of all nail parlour I visited only this manicurist (Vicky) at The Strip managed to remove all, I MEAN ALL ingrown nails from my toes…I can’t express in word how satisfying and comfortable I felt at that moment!!!!!!!!!

Furthermore, when she scrub my foot, she don’t just rub a few time and rinse. She examine which part of my foot has more dead skin and will put more emphasis onto it. She ensure all dead skin are gone and are properly moisturize with lotion. There’s no surprise on her skill because she have more than 6 years working experience as manicurist. Also for RM 40 for full pedicure I think it is really worth every cent spent!!! is my toes nails after the cleaning process!!!!!!!

Strip11My Hot Pink Nails with alternate purple shimmers…

Sorry my leg look a bit awful because it is still swollen at that time! In fact I have not fully recover till now…Heels oh heels..

** For Full Nail Service Price List please refer to the table at the bottom of the post!
Now it’s the time where I share the experience that you been wanting to read the “Brazilian Wax” Not sure if you know what is that? At first I thought they are using some sort of cream come from brazil for waxing!!!! LOLed…

So What is Brazilian Wax??????
“It is the depilation of all hair from the pubic region, both front & back (including the vagina, perineum and anus). STRIP’s Berry Chocolate Wax shrink-wraps the hair so that no strip cloth is needed. ”
“The Chocolate wax was using a formula targeted to reduce pain levels and tackling sensitive areas. It is made with fluidity and consistency that can remove hair as short as 1mm and it is created at a low melting point in order to allow for a fast effective waxing.”

Do you know there are a few types of Brazilian Waxing as in a varieties of shape for you to choose from! LOL it’s kinda funny though..Just like choosing hair style but not for your head okay? It’s for you little sister ya..if you know what I mean…

** For Full Wax Service Price List please refer to the table at the bottom of the post!

So I decided to go for the XXX Strip ( Labia + Bottom + image ). This means the top, side and bottom are all cleared and remain a triangle shape at the centre. Ok you might ask why I don’t go for full Brazilian wax right? Simple because it is less painful! and yeah I love to have a little hair there…don’t quite like the idea of balding…hahahhaa…For first timer, it is highly recommended to got for XXX Strip instead of full strip. This will prepare you to try the Full Strip later with assumption once you able to tolerate to the XXX pain level then eventually Full Strip will be less painful.

After I made my selection I was given a feminine wipes to wipes clean my little sister ready to get wax….

I was asked to wipe it clean at a toilet nearby. Once I’m done wiping i walk back to the shop getting ready to be Strip!!!!! At that moment I was really nervous and worried that it will be so awkward and painful.

So I was ask to get changed…So i walk in the room and there is a towel there…Ehhhh should I undress all and wrap with towel just like when I go for massage? or??? I stunt for a second…eh i’m not waxing my top body….So I open the door and ask the staff again…The staff tell me that I only need to undress my bottom part…

Again, i close the door and change and wait for about 2minutes before the staff return to check on me….

The Waxing Experience

I was then lied down on the bed. The staff greeted me and ask if this is my first time. Also a brief explanation on the steps she will be doing for this waxing service. It was said that it takes only 15-30 minutes to complete the entire waxing process… So I was asked to be in a position like pregnant woman giving birth…Very awkward and shy…

The staff was really fast…Without wasting time, she just pull my hair and trim it short to facilitate waxing…. Honestly the pulling part is a little bit painful but not to a point that i will scream..It’s a mere feeling of my skin being pull up. I would prefer her to go a little slower and pull softer when trimming my hair.

Ok next was the most exciting part.. They are using a berry chocolate waxing….. For sensitive area hot wax is preferable. Literally just spread the chocolate on my pubic area..just like spreading on a piece of bread but this with hair…LOL… I love that they use chocolate wax for waxing.. It smell so yummy and sweet that i totally forget I was on a bed being waxed!!!!!

When the wax dries off which takes less than a minutes, she then pull off to remove the hair…It was fast but it does feel a slight pain….Especially on the area where skin is thinner. Apparently one application is insufficient..It will need at least two application to entirely remove all the hair on the same area. Also there will be some hair which is too short to be wax. She will then use a tweezer to remove it.

The pain of waxing was bearable to be honest as it is fast so by the time the pain come in the staff palm will be there to press it lightly to calm the pain. Imagine a quick motion where all hair is pulled… The first pull was bit pain and subsequently the second and so on is bearable! However, I feel tweezing part is more painful but it was just one or two hair that will be tweezed.
The final step is to cleanse with a antiseptic wipes and follow with a soothing cream to ensure the skin won’t get irritated.

Do I like Brazilian??

Before this I only do shaving and I must say I love Brazilian much more than shaving. It gives a tidy shape and all hair are remove from the root. I feel so sexy after the waxing…prolly because of the neat shape and the smooth feeling…. My hair only grow back after 3-4 weeks which is pretty goodNewly grown hair is soft and not hard and rough like how shaving results in.

Strip8Looking fabulous after waxing!!Woohoo

I can’t wait for my next pedicure & waxing appointment with STRIP!! I am freaking loving the results it gave….. For you who have not try Brazilian waxing before you must try it! I bet you will loovvveee it….and the Pedicure is a MUST TRY!!!!!!!!!

The waxing is not only for women also available for men! So you might want to get your men to go along eh?

Strip12Price List of all services available in Strip

I did mine at Curve Outlet…You may try other outlet…If you do, please let me know whether the staff they are more gentle when trimming your hair kay? Smile with tongue out

For more info please check out:

Strip Outlet

T 03-22836-092/ 094/ 096
The Curve
T 03-77265-119/ 75-119
Lot 10
T 03-21436-092/ 094/ 096
T 03-56215-119/ 6-119
T 03-62079-012/ 013
Penang Gurney
T 04-2287-835/ 836
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