Self Photoshooting + Random Updates

This the post where I just talk whatever I like or what I did over the week….

Last night I did a really big mistake…I feel so useless and so bad over it…Well life still get going…Take it as another lesson and ensure I don’t repeat the same mistake.

Today onwards I will be extremely busy with work and event too… From Thursday all the way to Sunday is all filled with activity!!! However, rest assured that blogpost will still be up every weekday morning okay?

Do you know I always dream I could be model one day? Well but i guess the dream just poof gone in the air… On particularly last week I decided to play modelling myself!!!!!!!! I love watching Fashion Show as well as Modelling Competition show so I got this idea to do some self photo shooting in a bathroom. My objective is to take a photo of a girl that got so drunk and cry over the asshole that just dumped her… This is in conjunction with the Post Breakup Make Over contest held by #GettingOverYou by Carly Rae Jepsen!


So are you ready to see my emo face?

To get the ultimate result, I give myself a moment and try to think about sad memory so I will look very sad and depressed…

IMG_1464Thinking bout that stupid jerk!!! He don’t deserve me!

OOTD10Let’s get drunk!!!!!!! Let my brain numb!!!!!!

OOTD9Crying out does help to lighten up my mood!!!!!

How you think I scored here? I think the outcome was really good considering first time doing this and using a timer to shoot is not easy okay?LOLed..self praising…but it’s quite true no?

Then after the taking shots of emo and defeated expression I need to take a shot of me getting over that jerk! Now some cheerful colourful shot!

OOTD13Taking a deep breath in the garden!

OOTD7Having fun!

I am loving the second photo of me having fun!!!! It does really show how happy I am!!!

So this is the picture I submit for this contest!

Post Breakup

Do you think I stand a chance to win??? Finger crossed….

So what are the thing you do to get over that someone?? Here a few positive approach to keep yourself happy and get a whole new life!

  • Move on and don’t ever think he will come back! You deserved someone better!
  • Do not get drunk, but go hunt for some delicious food with your girl friends! Go for Japanese food? Salmon sashimi is filled with Omega 3 which help fight depression & mood swing! or go for a chocolate treats! i.e order a chocolate fondue at Hagen Daaz!


  • Book a trip with your girl friend and flew away for a few day and have the best time of your life!


  • Go for a shopping day and buy the things you been longing to buy!!!


  • Do something to make yourself look beautiful. This help boost your confidence and will definitely attract hot guy!! I just accepted the Talika Body Shaping Challenge ehem… not targeting to attract hot guy instead to boost my self confidence and also hoping my man will feel proud having me beside him?


  • Lastly listen to Carly Rae Jepsen Getting Over You!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of my friend message me after looking at my photo submission to check whether I am okay…Thanks to those who care so much about me…I am very happy with Thomas now..Need not to worry kay..Speaking about it…It’s been some time since I last took a picture with him! Here a picture to recap me and him!!!!!!

imageRed heartRed heart I look so young here..Just like my college days…

I love doing photoshoot myself, well at least i can try how to be model in front of my own camera eh? I will do more photoshoot in future! Do you dream of being a model like me too?

imageAnother model wanna be attempt! Lol….

Got the sunglasses from !! Review to be up real soon!!!!!!!!

Till then Happy Thursday & Happy Getting over!!!! Muah…



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