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Redeemed my Free Celcom PortaWiFi !!!

WeeHoo…if you read my yesterday blogpost you should know I have gotten a flyer from the Batu Tiga Toll Booth and I went to redeem it at Celcom Blue Cube!!

When I was at the Celcom Blue Cube (Sunway Pyramid Branch), I was amazed by the automated door because it’s not those automated sliding door but it’s automated flip glass door..where we usually need to push or pull to open…So cool…

When I was there, there is no queue at all…So I pass the flier to the staff and I was requested to filled up some personal details and that’s all the PortaWifi with a starter pack is mine!


Huhu can’t wait to get this PortaWiFi device from her…She is explaining me in details some of the data plan available.

Celcom4Staff explaining in details.

Celcom5Please pack faster okay?

Aha…Some of my friends is asking me what this device do. Let me explain, this device enable you to connect to internet via WiFi connection wherever you are either from home, outdoors on your laptops and even in your car! Just need to subscribe to Celcom First Data Plan and you can start surfing right away!

Check out this link for more info and the pricing for the Celcom First Data Plan.

Celcom6Oh yes, it’s mine muahahaha…

Teehee will try to connect to the WiFi once I’m in my car. Never use broadband in a car before!

Celcom7Me with the Celcom PortaWiFi device!

Bump into Chency collecting the free PortaWiFi device too…..Hehe everyone also want to grab this device!


Do you know that with this PortaWiFi device, you can enjoy these benefits:

a. Share WiFi access with up to 5 devices at once

b. Surf at speeds of up to 21Mbps

c. Get up to 10GB data

d. With the widest coverage of the fastest network

If you missed out and did not manage to grab the fliers at the toll booth, fret not because you can get PortaWiFi for free when you sign up to Celcom First Data plan and you also get to enjoy a total of up to RM120 rebates on your monthly bills.

So wait no more! Head to the nearest Celcom Blue Cube to get this Celcom PortaWifi device to ensure you stay connected while on the journey back to you hometown this Raya.

I seriously think this will be my saviour during the few hours jam when going back hometown. I can just surf the net to kill the time!!!

Till then Happy Weekend!!!

** This is a sponsored post but it does not affect any of my opinion.



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