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Vanity Trove Jun Edition: Obsessive Beauty

Are you obsess with beauty? If you are not I am!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like singing Mariah Carey Obsessed now!!

You seen what I do to my hair? You saw my makeup haul from MUA? You saw the amount of skin care product I grab over the months? and those nails polish I have on my rack that almost explode!! not to miss those precious oils I own.. also the dresses I hang on my packed wardrobe that I have to move some over to my mum’s wardrobe and the huge numbers of heels I bought….. and soooo much more…where do I begin??

Some of my collections…I miss making those jewellery box for my accessories…Do you buy or make yourself?

imageColourful boxes and accessories!

and my 6 years collection of make up products and tools….well not all aged 6 years… I recall only one, the blusher brush


So much obsession I wouldn’t mind another one… VanityTrove’s June Trove comes at the right time to keep my obsession on-going… It’s ok to obsess over beauty as first impression is the one that leave people remembering who we are. It’s not just putting on tones of makeup on your face to cover the imperfections but the first step to take care of your skin is effective cleansing. Only with proper cleansing your skin able to absorb the nutrition from the cream you going to apply later on.

This month VanityTrove (VT) feeds my beauty obsession with a selections of goodies that will beautify and nourish me inside and out. So what’s in the box? Does it satisfy my obsession?


Let’s see how each product does it’s magic to me!


So how’s my first impression to you?? Leave me a comment so I will know what you think about me by looking at my picture!

Honestly speaking, I have never invest in a good pair of fake lashes before. I used to buy those available in night market which cost only a few bucks each. I have always wanted to try those premium fake lashes and VT grant my wish! A glance on the Celeb Beaute Pro Glam Lashes, it look like a black lashes with green lashes layer in between. A closer look it’s actually green lashes on the upper layer and purple streaks with black lashes on the bottoms…This lashes is so pretty and I love how the purple streak mixed with the black lashes! It helps to define my eyes and add more depth to my droopy eyes. This handmade lashes are of high quality and is simple to use and comfortable to wear.

VanityTrove6Celeb Beaute Pro Glam Lashes, RM 19.80 – RM 22.80

As I mentioned in my previous blog post I have just dip dye my hair..The moment I saw this cute little bottle of shampoo and hair mask I was really happy. The bottle in lilac colour is so cute in it’s mini size…soooo adorable! This is great for my damaged hair due to bleaching… The Loreal Professional Liss Ultime Shampoo and Masque promises to repair and smooth the thickest and most rebellious hair. Infused with Oil Incell Technology which combines nourishing olive and argan oils, the shampoo tamed my rough ends and leave my hair smooth after every wash.

VanityTrove5Loreal Professional Liss Ultime Shampoo, 100ml. RM 50.00 for 200ml & RM 79.00 for 50ml

The mask wasn’t as concentrated as I expect, though it still nourishing but it’s not the best in Loreal hair mask range.

VanityTrove4Loreal Professional Liss Ultime Masque, 75ml. RM 67.00 for 200ml

If i were to dress up, I sure dress up my eyes with colours and liner… So it’s very important that I remove all the eye makeup thoroughly! This Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover is so gentle when apply on my eye yet still able to remove away all the heavy dose of makeup I applied on my eyes! It contains hypo-allergic formulation with Vitamin E which lift makeup instead of melting it!! This is my first time seeing this formulation! Love the idea of lifting it which make me feel is more effective in a way…

VanityTrove3Bifesta Eye Makeup, about 30ml. RM 26.90 for 145ml

Been obsessed with essential oil ever since VT introduced Heaven on Earth last month and now another new brand to try on!! Good Job Valerie!! Keep it up! This Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil has a sweet citrusy scent and it does give one some refreshing scent! This oil however does not turn warm when I warm it with my palm. Not sure if this is good or bad…One thing for sure it’s not oily in return it’s not as moisturising compared to other oil I tried before.

VanityTrove8Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil, about 10ml. RM 99.00 for 100ml

Then there’s this super relaxing and soothing Aromatherapy based Skin Care Brand Decleor in this month trove… It’s the Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream which I think is great for day time..As I felt it’s lack of hydration for night use..Perhaps I sleep in air-conditioned room… But I super love Decleor Product and their Aromaplasty Facial is a must try!!

VanityTrove7Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream, 15ml. RM 98.00 for 50ml

Have treat my entire body except my lip! Surprisingly, this Lip Balm from Soap Artisan does not leave that sticky uncomfortable feeling on my lip like most lip balm does! It keep my lip from chapping and nourished my dry lip!

VanityTrove9Lip Balm from Soap Artisan , RM 12.00 for 4g

This trove also contain these sachets from Payot which is a bonus this month!! Payot is from Paris and not much description on the VT card. I have not really try out this yet. When I do I will surely post up the review ok?


There is also some voucher to complete the trove as usual. This month there is voucher from Decleor where with RM 98.00 you get to try their Aromaplasty Facial! You can read my review on this facial here.

With this month trove, I guess I’ll make such a good impression when attending event eh?

Well that’s all from me folks…..Have a great day….




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