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SOTHYS the Skincare Solution Specialist

Heard of SOTHYS long ago but haven’t gotten any chance to try them on. SOTHYS from Paris is an expert professional brand exclusively devoted to beauty institutes and spas. They offer a complete range of beauty care products including face, body, spa, sun treatments and make-up, SOTHYS formulas combine well-being and technology for a double effect on body and mind.


We were invited to join an introduction to SOTHYS skincare product at SOTHYS’ office. I was quite hungry when I arrived and these colourful cakes and dessert does look very appetizing!


This plate in fact has all my favourite bites in it!

Sothys7The Glutinous Rice Ball & The Gula Melaka Roll!

I love how the SOTHYS office feel so homey with all the couch and sofa around. and the glassware oopss.. It’s a plastic actually but look like real glass is so elegant!!

Sothys10Look at those red jar and glass!

and all SOTHYS product…


It does gives me a perception of high end skin care product whenever I come across SOTHYS. True enough that Joanne, Brand Marketing Manager of SOTHYS told us that even the bottling is done in Paris itself. Each bottle quality is so good, it just felt so different than other brand.

Sothys13Joanne presenting the slides to us.

Dr. Hotz, a medical biologist is the founder of SOTHYS. SOTHYS was born based on the philosophy of CURE & TREATMENT with EFFICACY and SAFETY.


Digi-Esthétique is specially developed to heighten the effectiveness of the treatments and the assimilation of active ingredients, the original Sothys technique combines Eastern and Western acupressure methods and massage procedures.


SOTHYS Flagship is build on a strong foundation in serving the best to their customers and they are made of our 5 pillars of strength:

1.SOTHYS Products & Treatments


2.Salon Ambiance


3.SOTHYS Skincare Solutions Specialist


4.SOTHYS SkinScope


5.SOTHYS Signature Digi-Esthetique


SOTHYS Beauty Therapist will be able to customised treatment for you after your first or second visit (depending on individual). They will constantly monitor your skin condition and advise the best solution to ensure your skin is healthy and glowing!

Dehydration it Number One problem at any age even at 20years old. SKIN SCOPE, will be able to inspect your skin condition as well as your skin age. Even if you have a sensitive skin, it doesn’t means you need to constantly purchase sensitive skincare range. It is important to determine which area or what condition is your skin sensitive to.

In SOTHYS salon each Beauty Therapist is allowed to serve a max of 4 client to ensure the therapist is not over worked. This is very good quality control and it ensure the therapist is devoted to the client.

We were each given a set of Cleansing Set from Vitality range suitable for normal to combination skin. Cleansing is the most important part in skin care ritual. So this is definitely a great set for me!! I cant wait to try them out!! Review on them is coming up real soon.


But I have try the cleansing milk lotion the other day, it feel rather dry prolly because I did not use with their Facial Foam (I’m using Murad). Let me try on for few more weeks so I can do a full review on this product.

Well that’s all from me today…Bye bye..



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