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Havaianas our Hero!!!

Really a packed week!! Because my leg is injured I take double the time to reach a destination! I can’t drive properly, I can’t walk down the stairs one feet after another, I can’t walk in normal position!! This is really making me go crazy! When I woke up in the morning it seem fine, but toward noon it swell like Elephant Leg! I just don’t have enough time to spare…This is why my entry for Havaianas is submitted on the last day of the contest!!

Most of the Butterflies had posted their entry to win these awesome Havaianas!! A week ago I submitted my entry for Spa Party and I promised Tammy I will send in my entry to give my full support to Butterfly Project and I don’t mind if I don’t win!!


BUT BUT I wanna pull back my words!! My besties Sarah already won a pair and I wanna join her wearing Havaianas #FOTD (Flip-flop of the Day) during the Spa Party!!!


Also at my current condition, I don’t think any shoes can fit me easily!!!! Don’t get what I mean eh?? Watch the below video and you will know why!! Also featuring Amelie in our video in the hope to won our hero home!!!!

Enjoy the video kay??? Do leave a comment on what you think about the video!!! Lot’s of love from me…..

p/s we are not allowed to take video inside Havaianas Store, so we only take photo!

other photo while we making the video!

Havaianas19Have you seen Flip Flop Lighting before?

Havaianas20My sexy leg with Havaianas!

Havaianas2I heart Havaianas!!!!!!!!!

Havaianas6Back to basic!

Havaianas7They have been in Flip Flop industry for so long!

Havaianas13and yours truly!

and if you are blogger do join the Butterfly Project Group kay? They organize hell lot of awesome activities that every girl will die loving it!!!



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