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Yadah Forever 16 Birthday Bash

Attended this cute little Girl name Yadah birthday bash.

Yadah4Cute? I’m asking about me not Ms Yadah ok??

Undeniable that Ms Yadah look so young and cute…The one with the duck face sho cute neh!! I am very envy of her youth because she stay forever 16!!! What’s her secret?

She has her own SKINCARE Line named YADAH!!!

“Yadah Skincare product contains Natural Goodness. The key ingredient used are organic Opuntia Ficus, natural plant extracts and essential oils. No artificial colouring, preservatives, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, propylene glycol, carbomer, EDTA, DEA, GMO ingredients, benzophenone and silicone is used in the making!!! Almost all the bad element is removed! All Yadah products are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and troubled ones!!!”

There is whole lots of fun activity arrange for Yadah’s fan to celebrate her birthday. One of the most fun and cute is the Hanbok fitting booth!!

Hehe is the two little flower on my head cute??? First time wearing such prop!!


A dreamy picture of me without the prop! My favourite photo….Love it soooo muchhh…Love my Sony Nex 5R!!!


After the photo shoot with Hanbok, fans get to choose one of this rings for RM 5.00! Feel rather weird to pay for activities during an event…but it’s free for invited guest…


Ok enough of me….  What do we have at the Yadah Booth?

Yadah5Yadah Vitamin range, Yadah Anti Trouble Range & Yadah Make-Up Range

Event about to begin….


and the first was a lucky draw session!!! She draw a few number but no one is holding the numbers… They have too many numbers in which I think not all number is given out! I think they should have just give the number according to order! However, me being bad I scream redraw a few time…and next was my number she called!! Woohoo.. I won myself a Yadah pack!!!! Smile happily!


time for Birthday Song for the birthday girl.


Right after that there a fashion show showcasing all Yadah Skincare Product and PGmall Bag.





and a song performance by Nelson as well as a sexy dance performance!!



Charmaine and Jenifer each won a bag from the second round of Lucky Draw!


Though the event is a lil disorganized as there were not much introduction on Yadah product and I am not sure why there is a fashion show for a beauty event. It seem that the bag is the star of the day instead of Ms Yadah. Certainly hope they will have more time to plan and organize their event. Thankfully, I had fun hanging out with my blogger friends during the event…Some pictures with blogger friends….

This Chea Yee can’t stop chewing the sandwich…Too hungry I supposed…Haha..

Yadah8Chea Yee, Angeline Ng, Emily, Sarah and Me with Slippers… Sob more month before I can wear heels!

Angel & Devil taking pictures…

Yadah17Charmaine, Jenifer, Angeline & Sarah

Yadah9Angeline, Sarah & Me

For more info on all Yadah product checkout Yadah FB Page.


If you love to purchase the bag from PGMall checkout PGMall Bag. Their bag price is very affordable. Do check it out!


I shall do a full review of the Yadah product I get, so stay tune ya! Till my next review…Bye Bye…



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