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Hi Shop: My Customized Welcome Pack

Yes I know this post is all over your FB updates or your blogroll… A huge group of my blogger friends has received this welcome pack from HiShop. So generous of HiShop right?

“So far I read quite a number of their post and I have not see similarity of my welcome pack with them. So I thought you might want to read through my review on my Welcome Pack!! HiShop customized each and every Welcome Pack”

What is HiShop???


So what’s underneath the Box???


#1 BaviPhat Caviar Hydro Pure Gel mask

First time trying Sheet mask in gel form. Felt a bit sceptical to try it at first due to the caviar content. I don’t really like the caviar scent, so that’s a no no for me. Anyhow I give it a try, man I love it so much. Surprisingly, the caviar smells good this time (the scent very close to a lavender scent)!

Baviphat Caviar Pure Gel maskBaviPhat Caviar Hydro Pure Gel mask, RM 16.90

This is the best calming and cooling mask I’ve ever tried. Why? because of it’s gel texture which produce that icy feeling when I apply on my face. You can enhance the icy effect by chilling it in your freeze before applying. Gel type mask also help retain the essence on the gel and will not dry off so fast. So my face is kept moisturized the whole 10minutes of the application.

Baviphat Caviar Hydro Pure Gel mask

The down side is the slippery surface of the gel mask makes application hard. However, once it settle on your face it’s does cooling magic! 

My concern in sheet mask is always the coverage (because I have a wide face instead of small and V-Shape face). Well done for it’s good coverage!!

Immediately after removing, it gives instant brightening effect. Also it sooths my skin redness due to the stress and heaty food I take on lately… I’d say this a great mask especially on those hot days…

#Heaven on Earth Jojoba Oil

imageHeaven on Earth Jojoba Oil, RM 33 for 15ml

I’m not joking when I said I’m not a fan of oil or cream product. So when I see this item in my welcome pack I was really disappointed. I called up Mable and tell her about my disappointment as I wanted to try something I love using. She was very nice to explain me step by step how to use and she tell me all the benefit of using Jojoba base oil.

I believe many of you out there may not know how this product work or how you can use it. Actually natural oil is blooming in skincare line now and it gives multiple benefits and it is made from 99% natural oil.

I am not going to elaborate too much on this as I have a few more bottles from my collaboration with Heaven on Earth and I will do a full post on the different types of oil available.

Generally, there is two types of oil which is carrier oil and essential oil. Essential oil are those with pleasant scent like Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint and so on…Carrier oil are like Jojoba oil, Olive Oil, Argan oil and many more.

So if you want to use this essential oil on your body, you need to use it with the carrier oil. Here is the rough ratio of the amount you required to take.

Adults: To easily remember how much essential oil to add, measure out the carrier oil and divide the amount by half. This is the total amount of DROPS of essential oil/s to add for a 2.5% dilution. Eg.10ml (2 teaspoons) of carrier oil will use a total of 5 drops of essential oil 10 divided by 2 = 5 drops.

I was lucky as I got another Lavender Essential oil from my Vanity Trove May box. So I can try both on my body. Wow is extremely moisturising and easy to absorb. It is not oily at all. When the Jojoba mixed with the Lavender oil, it gives a very soothing effect. I used it to massage my hand and neck and I had a good night’s sleep the whole night.

I also apply the Jojoba oil on my hair, just a drop or two the max. It keep my hair tidy, no fizzy hair and my hair feel softer after that. Also it gives a healthy glow to my hair. Seriously, I fell in love with this oil! More on my separate post!

#3 Nature Co Vital Purity Lift Mask

imageNature Co Vital Purity Lift Mask, RM 88.90 for 140ml

This is a free product that every HiShop welcome pack will include. So i guess you must have read it a thousand time, I am too. Everyone is saying it’s very good and does purify their skin! I have to admit this mask purifying effect is very effective and it also gives instant lifting.

Nature Co Purifying Mask

It’s like a clay type mask, once it is dry it will have a little crack. So remember do not talk or move your face when doing this kind of mask unless you want fine lines on your face. Mmmphhh, it also enhance my face elasticity….but, I do not like the herbs smell…. Urghhhh just way too strong for my liking.

#4 HiShop RM 20 Voucher

Ok this part is for you!! Yes you. If you purchase RM 100 from HiShop, you get instant RM 20 off…. How you do it?

I) Go to HiShop website and Search for your favourite item

II) Click Buy


III) Go to your Beauty Cart & Key in your Discount Code (LOVEHISHOP )

**Make sure your purchases is above RM 100 to be entitled for the discount, code valid till 30th June 2013.


IV) Checkout and login your account to proceed with payment! That’s it!!

#5 Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light & Pure White Milky Lotion Light


Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light RM 58.90 for 180ml


Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion Light RM 58.90 for 130ml

Honestly, I cant say much on the effect or benefit of this product. Because I can’t tell the difference with sachets. I can only tell you the colour, scent and texture. The milky lotion is very light and watery. Love the light and non sticky formula. The is transparent in colour just like water. I don’t like both because of the scent. Just not my bottle of lotion!!!

Wait no more, hurry to HiShop website to purchase your favourite beauty product. HiShop is current having sales up to 70%!! To get the latest updates from HiShop, remember to subscribe to their newsletter at this link

Don’t forget to like HiShop Facebook Page at!

See you for now..Have a great week ahead oh….tata


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