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Burger Junkyard @ Kota Damansara

Special thanks to Food Director and Burger Junkyard for extending the invitation to me. So this week we tour to Kota Damansara for some burger feast!

Burger Junkyard was opened by three young friends whom some are classmates that have the same passion towards culinary art.

Burger Junkyard (4)

The three young men started this burger restaurant by brainstorming the name of the restaurant before anything else. Surprisingly, the menu comes second. Later on Kevin decided to join in the gang and there is total of 4 now!!!!

Burger Junkyard (18)from Left Kevin, James, Joel & Nick

So why Burger Junkyard? Joel said, “Most burger names and companies have already been taken up, but Burger Junkyard hasn’t been used! And since burgers are categorized as Junk Food (but our burgers are certainly NOT junk food!) , and people who LOVE burgers are known as Burger Junkies, so Burger Junkyard is the name”.

In order to match the name, the interior of the restaurant is designed with Graffiti painting all around. Look at those bright colourful burger illustration!! Such a joy to be surrounded by this beautiful graffiti creations especially for kids, they gonna love it!

Burger Junkyard (13)

This section will be a great place for kids to hang around! The wooden crate chair and cable drum table is so cute!!

Burger Junkyard (14)

Oh there is also a bar table setting in the restaurant.

Burger Junkyard (10)Bar table seating

More seating choices…

Burger Junkyard31

Interesting decorations…

Burger Junkyard30

They make everything from scratch even the bun was made by one of the owner’s father. I am amazed when the chef say they do not use any MSG in any of their Bun, Patty or even sauces. At Burger Junkyard you get FRESH & Healthy Burgers all at once!!!!

IMG_1268Chef preparing our burgers.

Burger Junkyard serve real chargrilled burger which is grilled above real fire. The patties fat level is kept at 20-30% fat since the fats will drip while grilling. This will then ensure the patties remain juicy.

imageChargrilling our Patties

Their specialty is the STEAM CHEEESEEEE, yes you see right it’s steam cheese. They had a steamer specifically to steam the cheese which give softer and cheesier cheeese texture. By steaming they need to add more cheese to give a mouthful of cheese in the burger. WOOOWW these are the key to a GREAT BURGER!


Preparing the burger fillings…

Burger Junkyard32

Another Key Selling point is that all of their chicken burger is using brine-cured chicken thigh to give a smoother and juicier texture. mmmmpphh yummy..

Burger Junkyard (1)Once the patty is ready in the morning, it will be frozen to maintain is freshness level before it is chargrilled in the noon.

Burger Junkyard serve NO PORK and they are in process of getting Halal Certificate! So everyone can taste delicious burger at Burger Junkyard.


picture courtesy of http://wssoo.blogspot.com/2013/04/burger-junkyard-just-another-burger.html

Ordering is real simple nothing different compare to fast food chain.

  1. Just queue at the order area
  2. Pick your drink from the fridge beside
  3. Pick your burger based on the menu on the chalk board
  4. Pay your bill
  5. Obtain your waiting number and be seated while your burger is in progress.

Burger Junkyard (20)Ordering area

imageWaiting Number with a Rat! How cute!!

picture courtesy of http://perutbesi.blogspot.com/2013/04/review-burger-junkyard.html

Whole fridge of can drinks and bottle juice to be choose from.

Burger Junkyard (28)

Before I go into details of each burger, I must say all the burger buns are so soft and the butter aroma is so nice. The beef patty was well balanced in term of saltiness and it is perfectly marinated. I still can tasty the smoky flavour in the patty from the char boiler. It is also easily chewed and not too hard nor over cooked.

Throw you a good news!!! Burger Junkyard has a set lunch that start from RM 13.90 which includes a fries, drinks and dessert! Woahhh what a value!! Those who working nearby are so lucky!!

Burger Junkyard (7)

I know you all couldn’t wait to read and browse the photos of the delicious burger!! Let’s begin with Ratatouille Burger, a grilled beef patty top with a sauce mixture of onions, tomatoes and spices and finished of with a layer of melting cheese. I love how the sauce infused into the beef patty which burst into my mouth with savoury and tangy flavour.

Burger Junkyard1Ratatouille Burger at half Beef patty, RM 12.90 (half) this week new burger!!

Next was Texas Hold Me, sound like a poker game!! Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing This one is in crisp form but yet it never lack of moist in the beef patty. Each bite ooze with sauces of BBQ aioli and the melting cheese while you enjoy the crispy bite of the fried onion ring and chewy bacon strips!!

Burger Junkyard9Texas Hold Me at half Beef patty, RM 15.90

I would say no to Balsamic Beefin’ Onions simply because I am not a Balasamic Vinegar fan! However, if the Balasamic Vinegar is pair properly it can be heavenly delicious and I wouldn’t gobble down the entire burger!! That’s what exactly happen when I first bite on this burger. The layer of balsamic vinegar on top of roasted tomato, lettuce, cheddar,  caramelized onion chutney and beet root is such a brilliant pairing! What a savoury goodness!

Burger Junkyard8 Balsamic Beefin’ Onions at half Beef patty, RM 15.9 (Half) & RM 19.90 (Reg)

One of my favourite Burger Type, Portobello Mushroom!! Formage et Fungi are packed with huge chunk of Portobello mushroom. Sadly, it is gone within minutes!! Those who try say it’s the best for the day!! I will def come back for this!! Look at those mushroom falling out of the burger!! YUMSSSS

Burger Junkyard2Formage et Fungi at half Beef patty, RM 14.9 (Half) & RM 18.90 (Reg)

Brooklyn Burger, being the largest burger serve that day with the most filling too. Sadly most say it was tad bit too dry. Even the chef say they dislike this too…I guess they will take this down or infused with other sauces to give more moist to the entire burger.

Burger Junkyard5Brooklyn Burger at Reg Beef patty, RM 15.9 (Half) & RM 19.90 (Reg)

Another Best Seller, Beef in Blanket has DOUBLE BACON and has a deeper smoky BBQ Sauce. Again good thing goes fast. So I missed it, they say is a MUST ORDER. I promise I will review it on my next visit kay?

imageBeef in Blankets at Reg Beef patty, RM 14.9 (Half) & RM 18.90 (Reg)

How could burger be without French Fries?? As I mentioned earlier, all are made from scratch this include the two type of sauces serve together with the fries. Frankly speaking, I prefer Burger Lab’s French Fries over Burger Junkyard as the former one has more potato taste!! BUT BUT Burger Junkyard’s handmade sauces are unbeatable!!!! Especially the Tomato Concasse dip which deeply infused by savoury tomato paste flavour with herbs. Awesomeness!!

Burger Junkyard10French Fries with Tomato Concasse Dip, complimentary with any burger order. You have to request this sauce  from the counter else they will only provide you the brown sauce.

The Brown Sauce on the other hand is less savoury compare to Tomato Concasse, it taste like a mild brown sauce but with many different flavour at one time due to the 13 types of ingredients they used to make this sauce (one of it is Vege Bovril). You gotta try it yourself, I can’t explain in words how great it taste!!

Burger Junkyard6French Fries with Brown Sauce, complimentary with any burger order.

Done with beef we moved on to the chicken burger.

Everyone Favourite, Buffalo Soldier. The smooth and extremely juicy thigh coated with runny buffalo hot sauce and flavoured sour cream. Sandwich in between was the crispy celery and tomato which add more chewy texture!!

One of the Food Director’s Member Kelly Siew said, “I usually don’t fall for chicken burger because of the rough and tough chicken breast! I am totally sold to Buffalo Soldier”

Burger Junkyard12Buffalo Soldier half chicken patty, RM 14.9 (Half) & RM 18.90 (Reg)

Anyone a Hawaiian Flavour fan here??? Hoola Hoop Hawaii is definitely something sweet and sour you will love to order. Thousand island infused sauce burst into mouth, I could barely keep it hold up that it almost spill out!!! Look at those generous chunks of tomatoes, pineapple, slice of ham and the ever juicy patties!!!! Slurrrrppp

Burger Junkyard11Hoola Hoop Hawaii half chicken patty, RM 14.9 (Half) & RM 18.90 (Reg)

Lastly, a surprise for everyone the Extraordinary Blue Panorama. The blue indicates Blue Cheese. Those who have never tasted blue cheese may find it smell a little stink but once you bite on it, the unusual cheese flavour immediate burst into my mouth with a very unique taste!!! I love it and the best part is, it doesn’t cover the flavour of the patties!!! Brilliant Job!!

Burger Junkyard13  Blue Paranormia half beef patty, RM 14.9 (Half) & RM 18.90 (Reg)

For meatless wanderer, don’t need to worry at all. Burger Junkyard got that cover with their Pineapple Fungi. We did not try it but on the menus it say it consist of layer of pineapple ring, Portobello, cheddar and house aioli.

Dessert are as great as their burger. I miss this Brownies like hell a lot!!! You asked why? Because this brownies serve in warm temperature with melting chocolate fillings. It is not too sweet and it is rich in flavour. The salted caramel and melting vanilla ice cream keeps me wanting for more!!!

Burger Junkyard BrowniesHeart Melting Brownies

Okie we already have the dark dessert, shall we have something lighter?? Pinna Cotta on the other doesn’t give much flavour…I could only taste the milk. Not my preference though.

Burger Junkyard14Pinna Cotta with Lincan Berries

Dessert has not included in their new menu. However, with our good feedback I’m sure it will be up on the menu real soon!!

Each and every burger has it’s own taste and deliciousness. I love the originalities and the sauces they used in their burger. Not to forget their to die for soft burger bun which help soaks the sauce into the buns. The beef patties are soooooo juicy and not too salty!! Thumbs up!

One thing i wish to highlight is their competitive price from RM 12.90 with quality burger is something other burger chain store need to crack their head in order to beat this offer.

One of the Food Director’s member ask how Burger Junkyard keep up with such affordable price but yet providing fresh food made from scratch.

Joel said “our main objective is to offering a delicious healthy burger not just to earn money”

Everyone is stuffed that evening. Time for a big group photo.

Burger Junkyard (2)

Well that end our tour to this delicious burger restaurant. I will be back very soon!! Don’t forget to drop by Burger Junkyard and let me know whether you think the same. For first timer, you can try their set lunch.

Before I end this post I would like to thank Food Director again for invitation to Burger Junkyard for such a gastronomical Saturday. If you want to join food director hangout like I do remember to register with them at http://www.foodirector.com/

16-G, Jalan PJU 5/20D

The Strand Kota Damansara

47810 Petaling Jaya,Selangor.

Tel: (+603) 6143 4305

Email: [email protected]


Mondays – Saturdays for lunch 12:00p.m. – 3:00p.m. & dinner 6:00p.m. – 10:00p.m.

Closed on Sundays


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BurgerJunkyard?fref=ts

Blog: http://burgerjunkyard.blogspot.com/

Burger : 9.5/10
Price : 9/10
Facility : 7/10 (still ample of parking space and wifi is available)
Ambient Environment : 8/10 (cheerful environment)
Service : 8/10 (very attentive and can explain each burger content and flavour very well)



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