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TSDayout: SkyTrex & 4 Seasons House in Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam

After all the crazy time at the Last #TSDayout at Krabi, some of us reunite at the recent #TSDayout: SkyTrex Adventure Edition!! I would love to take this opportunity to thank Tourism Selangor for selecting me to join this thrilling activity.


I guess most of my loyal reader would know about Tourism Selangor by now and what is TSDayout. Not to worry if Tourism Selangor and TSDayout seemed like a new word to you, I’ll be glad to introduce them to you.

These great people from Tourism Selangor had engage their fans and followers via twitter and Facebook which then, brought them to explore the beauty hidden in Selangor. That’s where TSDayout comes into place. Every month, a group of participants will be selected to join this day trip in the journey to discover some of hidden gem in Selangor. I am very grateful for being able to join them for the 4th time now!! Each and every trip is filled with lot’s of fun, meeting new people, visiting beautiful places and trying out varieties of delicious food!

If any of you is interested and would like to join the TSDayout, just make sure you like their FB page & follow them on Twitter. Every month they will post up the openings, you just need to reply with your name and email and wait for confirmation from them!! That’s it!! As simple as ABC eh???

imageJust do it like them!! and you’re halfway in for TSDayout!

We arrived at the main entrance of Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam about 9am. It is also known as Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam (TBNSA), which ever you like to call it! This is my second visit here as my first visit last year was just some cycling around the vicinity and visit the different gardens in the Botanical Garden. You can read my previous write up here. I used to drive to TBNSA but I know you can also reach here using public transport. Just head down to KTM Komuter Train from KL Sentral to Shah Alam station. From there take a cab which is about 20 KM distance.

Before we proceed, Mr Fazly did some ice breaking and get all of us to sign to sell away our life! Basically these are just standard procedure, I have signed more than 10 of these form especially when you are going for extreme rides or activities! So don’t need to worry as you can see I am still in one piece typing this post now! MUAHAHAHAHA

imageMr Fazly giving briefing!

Picture courtesy of

imageSign your Life Pls!

Picture courtesy of

A colourful shuttle bus is awaiting us to board to the BIG Thrill in SkyTrex.

SkyTrex Shuttle Bus

Before boarding, let’s take a picture with the Huge TSDayout banner!!

Shuttle Bus to SkytrexMe with Kanmani and Amirul!

Here we go….Ride our way to the resting hut in SkyTrex for a briefing before we begin.


This is our resting hut, where we will also be having lunch at this Hut after the Big Thrill.

SkyTrex Resting HutOur resting Hut at SkyTrex.

You can host many event at SkyTrex for example Birthday Celebration, Team Building or just a simple Family Gatherings.

SkyTrex Birthday CelebrationBeautiful Decorations for Birthday Boy or Girl!

SkyTrex adventure is all about outdoor “eco-recreational cum educational” activity which will take the participants from tree to tree via series of aerial obstacles suspended at 3 meters to 22 meters in the air.

Being the first of it’s kind in Malaysia, expect face multiple challenge that involve walk, crawl, glide and swing in the sky surrounded by all the trees in the Tropical rain Forest.

resources from

SkyTrex22One of the obstacle in Big Thrill!

The staff on duty, En Azlan brief everyone on the safety precautions and some tips while going through all the challenges.


Wokay listen enough? Here we go….


Begin by filling up another form to include person to contact during emergency. This is also the place where participants will be given a bottle of mineral water with its bag for us to carry along and a pair of glove to protect our smooth palm! Smile with tongue out


At the similar spot, you will also be able to buy some food like sandwiches and cake if you feel hungry!! There is no reason for not flying on those high rope ok???

SKYTREX consist of varieties of high rope courses of varying difficulties and other related activities provided in the Park. Below will be the series we will be going through…

imageSkyTrex Rope courses

Picture courtesy of

My heart start to pump really fast as this is my first time going through such extreme set of challenges. I am not at sport kind of girl. I got a little worry that I may not be able to complete the whole course and use emergency exit halfway through it.

Nevertheless, I still geared up myself! Woah I look kinda cool when I am all geared up eh??

imageWoman in Black!

Picture courtesy of

Do you know how many type of challenges there are in TBSA? Look at below map, there are total 3 challenges which is Little Adventure, Big Thrill & Extreme Challenge.


Little Adventure

  • 23 adventure challenges
  • Difficulty : easy to difficult
  • Target Group : Children
  • Minimum height requirement: 1.1 m
  • Maximum weight: 100 kg

Big Thrill

  • 26 Trilling challenges
  • Difficulty : easy to very difficult
  • Target Group : Adults
  • Minimum height requirement: 1.4 m
  • Maximum weight: 100 kg

Extreme Challenges

  • 34 Extreme challenges
  • Difficulty : difficult to very difficult
  • Target Group : Adventurous Adults
  • Minimum height requirement: 1.4 m
  • Maximum weight: 100 kg

There is a small room where all the PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) is stored.


All set let’s head to the Big Thrill!!

SkyTrex Big Thrill EntranceBig Thrill Train & Try!

So since most of us are first timer, it is advisable to tryout the Big Thrill and then next time we can challenge ourself to Extreme Challenge. At this point, you will be able to test the water by trying the Flying Fox at a lower height to warm yourself up. The instructor will also show you the proper way to hook your PPE.

SkyTrex Tryout

SkyTrex Flying Fox Tryout

Big Thrill Warm Up Session

Now time to get serious, the first challenge is to climb all the way up. I feel so exhausted when I climb half of the ladder, feel like letting go! I tell myself I must complete this!! So I hold on and push myself further and arrived the top feeling great!!

SkyTrex44View from the top!

Right after that we have to fly across…It’s scary when you look down.


  • Do not look down, just look forward and Hold on the string and jump down!
  • Remember to keep your eyes for all the signs along the way!!
  • Follow the instructions and I assure you will come back in one piece!!


picture courtesy of

The moment you fly the fear will be gone! It’s so refreshing especially after that long climb up!!

SkyTrex49Flying Fox

Next up is the Sky Crawl, where you have walk across the hanging net. This wasn’t hard if you are not fear of height!

SkyTrex45Sky Crawl

Come the Crazy Zig-Zag!! Just need to concentrate and walk across slowly!! No Problemo!!

SkyTrex Crazy Zig ZagThe Crazy Zig-Zag

Usually after a obstacles there will be Flying Fox to help you loosen up and chill a lil!

Next up is the Tiny String, to test you balancing skill!!!

SkyTrex Tiny StringThe Tiny String

Easy job eh? Since Sharon can post while walking through!

The Earth Quake was the one that got my leg shaking! The string will keep on swinging if you stay on one of the pipe without hopping to the next one. It takes some guts to hop to the next one!

SkyTrex Earth QuakeThe Earth Quake

With determination, I finally cross the Earth Quake!

Walk across the wide fish net before you arrived at the Happy Hopper!

SkyTrex54Wide Fish Net

I wasn’t happy at all hopping at this stage. My waist got bend a lil too much. It hurts!! Ouchhh…Lesson learnt!! Ensure your PPE string is twist to the original position so that when you hop, you will not twist away!!


There after, everything is easy to pass through…Go down the ladder and walk down the fish net and Mission Accomplished!!!!

SkyTrex58Pipe Ladder!

SkyTrex59Final Mission for the Day!

I couldn’t believe that I had completed all the obstacles!! Best thing is I carry my DSLR all the way!! No problem at all! Just need to carry it when you are flying!!

Thank You Tourism Selangor for allowing me try this SkyTrex else I would never know that I can go through such challenges!! I will be back for Extreme Challenge some day!

SkyTrex70Jump of Happiness

After all the hard work, we were served with lunch to replenish our energy.


As usual, there will be mini Photography contest in each TSDayout. At the end of the activity, everyone is required to submit 5 of their selected photos.

SkyTrex2Dian looking serious uploading all the photos!

That’s not all, TSDayout will not end so quick! We are heading the the 4-Season House a place where you get to experience 4 different season (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn) in a year.

imageMy previous visits to 4 Season House during Autumn!


This is like a miracle eh to see Winter in Tropical Country!

4 season house winterWinter Seasons

I love staying inside this house, so cooling especially after sweating the entire morning at SkyTrex!! There is snowman too….

According to the staff, all the trees grown in this house is all real. They studies the tress and weather nature and adjust the house’s temperature in order for the trees to experience all the 4 season. Imagine seeing apples & oranges grows during summer!! While the flowers are imported from Europe and let it blossom in this 4 Seasons House.

and Autumn look like this!

imageAutumn Season.

There are many more places you can visit in TBNSA. Here are a few to name!

  • Mini Zoo
  • Paddy Field
  • French Garden
  • Cactus Garden
  • Orchid Garden
  • Fruit Garden
  • Spice Garden

You also can go for cycling and kayaking. For more info visit TBNSA website.

Everyone was tired and exhausted so everyone decided to wrap up the day. So we go to the Paddy Field where there is a place where everyone can rest while the Certificate for completing SkyTrex to be given to all participants.

Taman Botani Paddy FieldThe green paddy field!

One certificate for me for doing a great job completing Big Thrill!! Way to go….


After that, comes the most nerve wrecking part where the 6 winners of TSDayout photography will be announced!!

Drum Roll…..The winners!! Can you spot me?? I won myself RM 250 too!!! I am sooooo happy!! Thank you 1000x Tourism Selangor!!


Last but not least a group picture before we go home!

TSDayout SkyTrex Group PictureGroup picture

This time, they also add in another Blogging contest! I hope this blog post will win me another RM 250 so I have enough cash to buy my long dream camera and take more nice pictures alright?

So long for now…till the next TSDayout.


Big Thrill : RM 45.00 per pax

Extreme Challenge : RM 55.00 per pax

Entrance Fee to TBNSA : RM 3.00 per adult and RM 1.00 per child

Entrance Fee to 4 Seasons House : RM 3.00 per adult and RM 1.00 per child


Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam
40000 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Should you require further information such as booking, please contact them at:

Management & Administration Office
C33-2-7 Block C Jaya One
No. 72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +601 3276 9841 (Please call only from 9am – 6pm)
Fax: +603 7960 8290
Email: [email protected]

Public Transport : KTM from KL Sentral to Shah Alam station and take a cab.

Tourism Selangor FB page :

Tourism Selangor Twitter :

Tourism Selangor TSDayout Official Website :



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