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Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Melty Cherry Foam DIY Hair Colour for Chinese New Year

Every year during this time I will be visiting my regular salon for Hair Colouring to welcome a new year. This year, I thought it will be good to try out DIY hair colour at home. I can save the hassle driving to my salon and I can save a hell lot of money. Most salon would have add 10-20% to hair service charge during this time.

You still remember I blog about the 10 New Schwarzkopf Ambassador last month? I mentioned I bought this Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Melty Cherry Foam hair colour to test out the quality and colour.


Schwarzkopft Melty Cherry1

I love the cover of box where they feature a doll with lovely huge eyes. The foam technology also one of the reason why I pick this box. The foam gives better coverage on hair in shorter time compared to the normal cream where you need to comb through strands of your hair.

The colour that I choose is more like purplish brown as shown on the box.


The kit contain the following item:

Schwarzkopft Melty Cherry4Hair Colour, Developer, Hand glove & Hair Conditioner

Some of the ingredient they used are hydrogen peroxide, phenylenediamine (toluendiamines), resorcinol and ammonia.

The entire process including waiting time took me approximately 1 hour.

1. Using Developer 2 bottle to press on the box to open up the hole for supporting the bottle.

Schwarzkopft Melty Cherry6

2. Mix Hair Colour 1 into Developer Colour 2.

Schwarzkopft Melty Cherry8

3. Shake the bottle left & right. DO NOT shake up & down movement!

Schwarzkopft Melty Cherry7

5. Pump the bubble colour onto your palm and apply to your hair entirely.

Schwarzkopft Melty Cherry9

6. Leaves your hair from 20-30 minutes before rinsing off with water.

Schwarzkopft Melty Cherry10

7. After shampooing apply the conditioner onto your hair and wait for another 10 – 15 minutes before washing it off. Best to add on your own colour protection hair treatment for extra moisturizing and protection.

8. Dry your hair with an old cloth to avoid the colour stain on your towel.

Voila and my hair is with new colour now! My hair become less yellowish but I would love it to be lighter in brown tone…

Schwarzkopft Melty Cherry5Schwarzkopft Melty Cherry11

Before & After

Cindy’s Verdict:

  • Simple steps to complete the hair dye.
  • Colour is even but I couldn’t see the pink under normal lighting when under sunlight the colour is awesome.
  • Dying at first was a little tough as it’s rather dry. Eventually when it gets more foamy it easy to massage it onto my hair.
  • I love the fact that the box provide a standing support for the bottle.
  • While applying the foam, the smell from it’s chemical is rather strong and my eyes tears…
  • For thick hair, you need to do parting to cover the inner portion of your hair..

Till the next review ladies..A very Happy Chinese New Year in this prosperous Snake Year. Huat Ar…



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