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Han Lim Seafood Restaurant: Big Seafood Spread

Today I’m gonna share with you a place where you will be feed with big and juicy seafood. My family love this place for the fresh and affordable seafood!!

Han Lim Seafood

It’s similar like the normal Tai Chow the only difference is you get to pick your desired seafood before ordering.

20130115_211925Pick any seafood on the tray!!

Han Lim3From Small to Big Fish!!!! You name it they cook it!!

Han Lim1Nom Nom my Favourite Crab!!!

I had been to this place numerous time. It’s like our favourite place for dinner…Cut the crap let’s move on to the SEAFOODS!!!

The light batter coat each and every squids surface nicely. The pepper tosses over the batter squid will keep me getting more of it to chew!! The fresh squid beside chewy, it’s flesh is thick,and smooth, a brilliant idea to pair it with Salt & Pepper!!

Han Lim12Salted Pepper Squids, RM 20++ depends on seasons

Lalalala…I love the big and juicy clams..but I got to admit the wine is too sweet for my liking. Perhaps Kam Heong LaLa will be better!! Still it is yummy!!

Han Lim9Drunken Wine Clams a.k.a Lala, Rm15++ depends on seasons

I recall the name of this type of fish! All I recall was the delicate flesh with crispy skin layer with delicious light soya sauce!! Great to go with my steamy white rice!

Han Lim13Deep Fried Fish, RM 30

Theeesseee Steam Tiger Prawns with Egg White are to die for!! The sea sweetness juice of the prawn  that burst out is GREAT!! Even the sauce simmered with fluffy egg white is so good to drink!

imageSteam Tiger Prawns with Egg White, RM 40-60 for 3 pieces depends on seasons 

As much as we love seafood, a plate of vegetable to divert a little from the seafood goodness! Braised Eggplant with Minced Meat is something you want to scoop onto your rice and eat along. The gravy will keep you adding more rice. Eggplant is braised till soft while the skin remain crisp since it was deep fried before hand!

IMG_0648Braised Egg Plant with Minced Meat, RM 10

So be sure to come here if you want to have some seafood at a very affordable price!!

Han Lim Seafood Restaurant

No. 12, Jalan Midah 12,
Taman Midah, Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6014 620 9398

Food: 8/10
Price: 9/10
Facility: 6/10 Located about 2km from Tesco Mall, nothing much surrounding it.
Ambient Environment: 6/10 (Clean and bright)
Service: 7/10 no complain for now



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