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Bali / Nusa Lembongan 6D/5N Day 6 Part 2/2: Bumpy Ride to Nusa Ceningan

At about 3 p.m we wake up from our after noon nap. My god this is like the most relaxing trip I had ever been. We have plenty of time to play with! So Thomas fetch me on bike while my parents fetch by 2 locals we hire. Our first stop is to Devil’s tears again but this time with another road. On that day itself we see bigger wave and higher splash compare to the day before!

Devil's tearThe BIG splash at Devil’s Tear.

This time we get to get our rider to help us take picture for our family as i didn’t bring my tripod along.

DPP1039Devil’s Tear-Family Picture
20120919_172639Devil’s Tear – Panorama View

Since we were here the day before we didn’t stop for too long. So we head straight to Nusa Ceningan before the sun set at Blue Point. It’s about 30 minutes to reach Nusa Ceningan from Devil’s Tear.

Nusa Ceningan BridgeUs riding across the famous Yellow Bridge that separate Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan.
Nusa Ceningan Yellow BridgeThe view across Yellow Bridge.

At the bridge the view is magnificent. It’s so windy here and so we thought to sit by the bridge to enjoy the view for little longer.
Nusa Ceningan 1
The bridge is build from wood instead of concrete, at first it feels a little bit shaky and I got a bit worried while crossing over. Don’t under estimate the bridge!! The bridge is stable and can accommodate more than 5nos of bike at one time.
Yellow Bridge @ Nusa Ceningan

  • Distance : 1hour bike ride from Mushroom Bay
  • Attraction : Sea View, Sightseeing, Sunset
  • Nearby Attraction : Blue Lagoon Cliff, Wahana Cliff, Dream Beach, Devil’s Tear
  • Entrance Fee : Free
  • Location : Nusa Ceningan, Bali

By that time, my butt got a little bit pain! Oh and my waist is rather sore…The fact that we need another 20 minutes to arrive at Wahana Cliff is really killing me. We need to climb down the cliff passing through some trees before we get to enjoy the spectacular view. Kinda scary actually…When we climb pass the trees, the gem unveil!!! All 4 of our jaw literally DROPPED!!!! The view worth every of our effort!

Wahana Cliff-The caveWahana Cliff- the view on the right
Wahana CliffWahana Cliff- Me with Thomas
Wahana Cliff-The standalone cliffWahana Cliff- The stand alone cliff where water current is generated there
Nusa Ceningan-Wahana CliffWahana Cliff- the stand alone cliff

We were actually just standing by the edge of the cliff…It’s very dangerous as there is no railing or anything so you have to walk carefully. But that’s the reason that we get to see upclose of the cliff.
Wahana Cliff @ Nusa Ceningan

  • Distance : 1hour bike ride from Mushroom Bay
  • Attraction : Sea View, Sightseeing, Sunset, Cliff View
  • Nearby Attraction : Blue Lagoon Cliff, Yellow Bridge, Dream Beach, Devil’s Tear
  • Entrance Fee : Free
  • Location : Nusa Ceningan, Bali

The final destination was Blue Lagoon Jumping Point for sunset. This is a place where people come for jumping into the sea. It’s about 12metre height. You can also opt to jump at 8 metre height.
Blue  Lagoon Sign Board

Blue Lagoon StepsThe steps down to the viewing point at Blue Lagoon.

This is another stunning view that we had seen. Every angle of the area is surrounded by natural phenomenal wave movement. By just sitting there watching the powerful water waves that breaks on the rock is massive.

Blue Lagoon BayBlue Lagoon Bay

We wait for about 20 minutes before sun set at 6 p.m.

Blue Lagoon SunsetBlue Lagoon – Sun still high up!
Blue Lagoon (11)Blue Lagoon – Sun setting soon
Blue Lagoon Sunset (2)Blue Lagoon – The orange sun!
Blue Lagoon (9)Blue Lagoon – Picture with Sunset.
Blue Lagoon Sunset by FarBlue Lagoon – Sun is going down. Can you see the Wahana Cliff?

Here is a short video I found on YouTube where people jump at Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Jumping Point @ Nusa Ceningan

  • Distance : 1hour 20 minute bike ride from Mushroom Bay
  • Attraction : Sea View, Sightseeing, Sunset, Cliff View, Sea Jumping
  • Nearby Attraction : Wahana Cliff, Yellow Bridge, Dream Beach, Devil’s Tear
  • Entrance Fee : Free
  • Location : Nusa Ceningan, Bali

As the sky getting dark the journey back to our bungalow is rather scary. Most of the road is dark and without street light. Thank god some local are with us as they know the road best. All of us are hungry and scared but at the same time was thrilled!! It’s the same feeling of discovering a gem in the middle of an island.
For dinner we walk along the beach in front of Yogi Bungalow toward the left hand side heading to Agus Shipwreck which is jus beside Tarci’s Bungalow.
At Agus Shipwreck they serve wide range of seafood being grilled near the open area or pan fried in the kitchen.
Agus Shipwreck Nusa Lembongan Barbeque Area
The restaurant is quite spacious and most of the table is facing the sea view.
Agus Shipwreck Nusa Lembongan

Dining at this place is such a divine. You can dine here like a filthy rich guy!! They offer amazing ambient with a very affordable price. Every dish is cooked to perfection. I almost lick all the sauce left on the plate.
The starter, Yogurt Mixed Salad is something very different! Not sweet but a little sour and salty. It does open up my appetite for that night. The yogurt dressing is like watery but with chunks of solidified milk crumbles.   The bacon is crisp and goes well with the salad.
Agus Shipwreck Yogurt Mixed SaladGrilled Yogurt Salad RP 32,000

As the name suggest, Sweet Calamari; it was very juicy and with a slight sweetness. The butter give a very good after mouth taste too.

Agus Shipwreck C Sweet CalamariGrilled Sweet Calamari RP 67,000
Rocket Fuel is squid’s bag full of treasure of hams and vegetables. My god my mouth is stuffed too….YUMMY
Agus Shipwreck Calamari Rocket FuelRocket Fuel Calamari RP 60,000
Both Grilled Marlin and Tuna are equally good. However, their fries lack of crispiness. However, the mash potatoes is good with small cubes of potato for more texture!
Agus Shipwreck Grilled Marlin FilletGrilled Marlin Filler RP 62,000
Agus Shipwreck Grilled Tuna FilletGrilled Tuna Fillet RP 62,000

Agus Shipwreck @ Tarci’s Bungalow Nusa Lembongan

  • Distance: 5 minutes from Mushroom Bay
  • Specialty : BBQ seafood & fish
  • Nearby Attraction: Dream Beach, Devil’s Tear, Mangrove, Junggut Batu
  • Location: Nusa Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia

After dinner, we have a shower and chat a lil while wait for our masseur to arrived.

DPP1092Night View at Nusa Lembongan.
20120919_184724Panorama Night View at Nusa Lembongan.

It cost RP 200,000 for 2 hour of body massage. This is the first time I had massage right in front of the beach! That moment is really unforgettable…Waves rolling over and wind blowing!! This is called VACATION!!
Nusa Lembongan Massage
That about all for tonight. Wait up for my final day in Bali where we had some delish Hong Kong Seafood Lunch in my upcoming post!!

Bali & Nusa Lembongan 6D/5N Trip Itinerary
Day 1/2 : Blue Point Beach,  Padang-Padang Beach; Water Blow, Nusa Dua; Uluwatu Temple& Jimbaran Seafood 
Day 3 : Taman Ayun; Beratan Lake; Tanah Lot
Day 4 : Tegenunungan Waterfall; Tampak Siring & Kintamani
Day 5 : Nusa Lembongan & Devil’s Tear
Day 6 : Mangrove; Nusa Ceningan ;  Wahana Cliff; Blue Lagoon
Day 7 : Shopping at Factory Outlet & Free & Easy



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