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Open Rice Makan Venture : Tasty Pot

Two days ago I had a really tough day. At one time both phone rang and my messenger rang too..At that moment I have no idea which one to hang…I wish I have hands like octopus!! Okay cut the crap, at night I was invited by Open Rice for makan venture with other members at Tasty Pot Sunway Mentari.

Ó is a online platform where they features local people review on variety dining places. So if any of you had some yummilicious food to recommend to put your review in and since they are running a contest where the top reviewer stand a chance to win a brand new iPhone 5.

After 3 hour on the road me and Senri finally reach. The traffic jam is massive!! As far as I remember the last I been to tasty pot they do not have so many soup flavour and food choices. I was suprised to see a big pot where you can select 3 soup flavour, perfect for someone who is greedy for more choices like me!!


They have like 8 soup for you to choose from!! The Soya Bean Soup totally won my heart over other soup base. Don’t got it wrong, its not time for dessert okay!! This soup actually is not sweet instead it is in salty version! Something that I never thought is the bean curd or best known as “ Tau Foo Fa” is included in the pot! The soya aroma is perfect!! I love all bean curd related food!!! While I’m typing now my saliva is dropping already slurrrppppp….Smile with tongue outSmile with tongue out

TastyP19“Tau Foo Fah” along with my clams..

Another soup that worth mentioning is the Thai Style Tom Yam Soup!! The intense Tom Yum flavour in the soup good to go down along with all the sweet seafood! I just can’t stop drinking the Tom Yam soup while chatting with open ricer!

20130116_204357Me and Senri with the BIG Pot!

I heard the Curry Soya Bean Soup is delicious too. I have yet to try that.

The HK Satin Porridge is a disappointment!! No rice aroma and i prefer it to be more sticky as in more porridge rather than more soup as in the soup will be smooth and with rice bites!

The Chicken Soup and Herbal Chicken Soup are all tasteless!! Perhaps the soya bean soup is too good!! LOL Other soup available are Chong Qing Spicy Soup & Pumpkin Porridge.

Ok let the soup boil a while, I gonna talk about their Chicken Wing! In the past, everyone go to Yuan Buffet for chicken wing and now almost every steambat buffet will serve chicken wing and Tasy Pot does too. They have two type the grilled and the barbequed type! Barbequed type was not crispy and rather bland! I like the grill type though the honey glazing is a bit overdose but I love the aroma!


Since me and Senri were late, we did not get to try much of their BBQ corner. They stop producing after approx 9.30 pm. I seriously think they should continue to serve the food at the Barbeque corner or else what BUFFET are for right?

As for other ingredient to dump into our soup, there are all quite common. Similar to other steamboat buffet in Klang Valley! They serve more than 180 pork-free ingredients consist of fish balls, seafoods, meats and vegetables.


Scroll down for all the food we pick from the spread!!

TastyP18Clams and mussels, big and fresh!

TastyP10Quail Eggs, Fish and more clams!!

Oh they have Shimeiji mushroom & King Oyster mushroom too..



TastyP9Green Peas are rare in steamboat!! If they could do the peeling it would taste better!


Meat Slice only serve after 9.30 pm where most open ricer has stop steamboating. So late comer have advantage too eh? Me and Senri enjoy dipping the meat in our Tom Yam soup.



Hoi Fan la (Begin Eating Feast in Cantonese)….

TastyP23Yam and Sweet Corn Ice Cream, smooth and taste good.

I enjoy steamboating at Tasty Pot and thanks to Open Rice for inviting me to this yummy makan venture. The makan venture are also meant to group people from all over the place to get to know each other. So I did not sit with my BF but with some newly met friends. Seriously I enjoy meeting people and having a great steamboat time with them. As for Tasty Pot I will certainly will revisit for their Soya Curry Soup!!

Lastly some picture of us! Sorry not much picture as my hand and mouth is occupied with eating and chatting! Stay tune for more updates from me!



Me with Senri & Mokky

TastyP27Me and Thomas adjourned for Picture!

Group Picture.

Food: 7/10 Hunt for their Soya Bean & Tom Yam Soup!
Price: 7/10
Facility: 6/10
Ambient Environment: 5/10 (I see flies near vegetables…)
Service: 7/10

Address: 12-A, Jalan PJS 8/17, Dataran Sunway Mentari, Petaling Jaya

Tel. No.: 03-5630 1282

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