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Bali / Nusa Lembongan 6D/5N Day 5 Part 2/2: Sunset at Devil Tears

I’m back from another beach holiday and here I am to continue to update you on all my adventure!!! Be sure be on lookout for flight ticket to Bali this 2013 and visit all the places that I have suggested in my blog! In my previous post I show you the amazing sea view from our bungalow, at another side of our bungalow is where the Mangrove is located! It’s approximately 10minutes ride! We hire the local people to send us there with their motorbike.


In Nusa Lembongan island, you can only travel using two transport mode for land tour which is motorbike or truck. It’s about RP 60,000 to rent bike for a day! For truck I’m not too sure but it’s not gonna be cheap! Moreover it will be fun to explore the island with the bike!! So we decided to ride on bike! Most of the road in the island are small path of earthy road. Imagine those jungle walking path! Only a small portion have tar road but a narrow road and it’s uneven with pot holes everywhere!

Road to MangroveRoad to Mangrove!

It will only reward those who are up for the adventure! Just ask some local for some directions or hire locals to bring you around and you will be able to see a paradise you have never dream of. Please note this is not a luxury trip, it may be tiring BUT the memories are magnificent!

Before I begin my adventure, here a map of Nusa Lembongan for your easy reference.

nusa lembongan mapNusa Lembongan Map

There are a few stall along the Mangrove where you could have your lunch there. One of the stall, Warung Prema even provide beach chair where you can enjoy sunbathing or just sit back and grab your favourite book to read. The calm view of clear sea water with Mangrove tree along the horizon is great for those who looking for a place for relaxing! There is not much tourist in this island, you can be rest assured that no one will disturb you and all you hear is the sound of the wave and wind!


Warung Prema sell all kind of seafood like fish, squids, clams, prawns and many more depending on what they able to catch on that day!

Warung Prema at Nusa Lembongan

When I say FRESH, it means almost immediate after the catch, the seafood were wash and grilled right away!


Fresh catch from the Sea!

This is how fresh the FISH can be!! See the fresh RED colour of the fish’s Gills!!
On that day, Squids is not available only fish so we order 2 big grill fish and Mixed Vegetable Soup!

DPP886Fish being barbequed on top of burning charcoal!

The fish is barbequed as it is no other flavour is added!

While we wait for the fish, we chilled with Coconut Drink!! The young coconut flesh is so soft and smooth, thumbs up! A good thirst quencher on a hot sunny day!


The slight burn meat of the Jacket Fish is the most delicious portion where it release some very nice smoky aroma on the first bite and later it taste sea sweet! Whole fish were meaty and only the big bones in the centre! So easy to eat!!
DPP891BBQ Jacket Fish

In fact that one fish is enough to stuff our stomach but when ordering we wasn’t aware it’s such a big portion and we did order another BBQ Tuna Fish!


The tuna taste as awesome as the Jacket fish but the meat is more rough and dry! We all prefer Jacket Fish but we still finish the whole fish till the last bite!!
Unexpectedly good were the Chap Chay (Mixed vegetable) soup. The vegetable is fresh too and the soup is clear and very sweet. We order another bowl as it is way too yummy!!Great to eat along with the white rice!!


Definitely a scrumptious meal and the total price is only RP 213,000 with such huge fish? Worth every Rupiah I’d say!!

After we have our lunch we laze around the Mangrove and sea area….


Warung Prema @ Nusa Lembongan

  • Distance: 15 minutes bike ride from Mushroom Bay
  • Specialty : BBQ Seafood
  • Nearby Attraction: Mangrove, Pura Puncak Sari Temple & Jungut Batu Beach
  • Location: Jl. Raya Gunaksa, Jungut Batu, Lembongan Island, Indonesia

It’s pretty relaxing in this island. No traffic jam, no crowds and you all the place by yourself! So we head back to our bungalow to get some rest before we go to Devil’s Tear for sunset!

Devil’s Tear is a place where there is huge rolling wave that break onto the slope of the rocks which creates a huge splash of water as tall as a human height! You can reach this place by walking from Sandy Bay Hotel. If you are dining in The Beach Club, Sandy Bay they will arrange for pick up anywhere in Nusa Lembongan.

Sunset usually took place around 5.30 pm to 6.30 p.m Indonesia Local time. So we called Sandy to pick us up around 4 p.m. It took approximately 30 minutes by truck to arrived at Sandy bay!

DPP908Lembongan Island view on the way to Sandy Bay!
DPP910The truck that brought us to Sandy bay!

Arrived at Sandy Bay and we walked to the left all the way up the rocky edge till we reach the peak!
DPP916The road that lead us to the peak!

At the peak the view is rewarding. I never seen such view in my life before! Now the picture will do the talking!

DPP921A huge hole that collect the sea water when the wave breaks and splash up!

Now let bring you to a closer look of the big waves at Devil’s Tear rolling over the the cliff like the waves showering the entire cliff!


Little did I realize the water splash actually forms a light rainbow trail!

Devil's Tear Lembongan Island

Found a very beautiful flower crab!


DPP831with ma love Thomas!


The sea water erosion cause the rock to form a cave like structure!
We continue to enjoy the wave movement and listen to music play by the wind and waves while waiting for the sun to set!

Sunset in Dream Beacharound 5.20 p.m local time
DPP965around 5.3p.m local time

The sunset here is not as warm and red as the one I usually see. It’s more like milky orange and makes the sky like a spread of cotton candy all over it!

DPP966Sun setting and disappear under the dreamy cloud..


Devil’s Tear @ Nusa Lembongan

  • Distance: 30 minutes bike ride from Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan 
  • Attraction :Sea, Cliff, Rocks Sightseeing, Sunset, Waves movement, Drinking Coffee or Tea with Spectacular View
  • Nearby Attraction: Sandy Bay, Dream beach, Mushroom Bay
  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Location: along Dream Beach, Nusa Lembongan, Bali

By 5.40 p.m we rush back to The Beach Club for sunset dinner. Beach club is well known for it’s lovely dinner over stunning sunset view.

DPP971Colourful horizon view from Beach Club!
DPP973Our table setting at The Beach Club, Sandy Bay.

Another side of sea view from Beach Club.


At Beach Club, they serve varieties of cuisine from Indonesian Local Food, International Food (Western, Italian, Indian, Thai Food), Barbeque (Seafood & Meats), Pizza and whole list of beverages including wines to choose from.

I ordered the Australian Fillet Steak topped with Gorgonzola Cheese and Sandy Bay Sautéed Potatoes. Sadly the highlight of this dish was not the steak, it’s way too dry for my liking. The sautéed potatoes with gorgonzola cheese sauce is the one that make me can’t stop scooping for more. Gorgonzola Cheese is a type of blue cheese which is less sharp in taste and have softer smell. It does taste salty but very creamy too. I don’t mind licking the sauce clean!

DPP984Australian Fillet Steak topped with Gorgonzola Cheese and Sandy Bay Sautéed Potatoes.

Devil’s Tear pizza, RP 60,000 is something you must order if you are coming to Beach Club. You can share among your company of 4-5 pax. The pizza consist a good spread of Chorizo, bacon, mushrooms, cheddar and a good sprinkle of chilli. Yes I agree the look might not look appealing BUT you are wrong! Thought the cheese doesn’t turn golden brown but the cheddar they used are good ones! The cheese does not solidify even on the last piece of pizza. The chorizo give extra texture to the pizza. The extra chunky chorizo and chewy bacon together with the smooth mushroom make the whole combination very tasty.

DPP982Devil’s Tear Pizza

Newyork Burger, RP 65,000 was a missed. Bun is tough and dry. So does the beef patty dry and bland.

DPP983New York style gourmet cheeseburger with home-made fries

Overall the dinner here is amazing. You will never be able to get the price any where in Malaysia with that kind of environment.

Though there is hit and misses, I will still revisit this place for dinner if there is chance.

Me chilling on the pool after dinner! Enjoy the wave sound!

The Beach Club, Sandy Bay @ Nusa Lembongan

  • Distance: 45 minutes bike ride from Mushroom Bay
  • Specialty : Pizza
  • Nearby Attraction: Devil’s Tear, Sunset Beach & Dream Beach
  • Location: along Dream Beach, Lembongan Island, Indonesia

So that pretty much wrap up our day 5. I shall stop my holiday post for a while!! After this, I am going to do a giveaway to all my readers. So stay tune to stand a chance to win 1 out of 10 box of prize.

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