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Eye Wide Shut, A Sexy Masquerade Corset Party

Sorry to only post this up today. I’m not sure whether you all are waiting for this post but I surely can’t wait to show you how I make my own tutu!! I’ve never do this before and have not wore a corset before! Oh yes the mask I bought from Venice had come to a good use this time! It had been laying for display for a few year already.

IMG_9800My completed Masquerade look!

Shall we start by making the TUTU? I know some of you will be asking what is TUTU? Show you some TUTU pictures on cute little girl!


I’m telling you making TUTU is easy but it takes time to complete! It took me a good 8-9 hours from scratch till the completed TUTU.

Let’s begin!

1. Prepare the following tools and materials

IMG_2318Scissor, Ribbons, Elastic Band, Blade, Tulle and Sequins or any decoration you love to add on.

2. Cut the Tulle into required width and length. For my TUTU length, I measure the Tulle slightly below my knee and multiply by 2. For width, I cut to about 6.5 inch. You can always use a cardboard as a reference for cutting


3. Measure the elastic band according to your waist size, cut away another 1 inch to the length of your waist. Why? because when you push the tulle close together it will stretch the elastic band.

4. Gather the tulle middle Tie a slip knot of the tulle onto the elastic band.








5. Gather and push close.


6. Continue around until it’s complete. Add dimension buy tying another layer on top of existing layer!

7. Add on sequins or ribbons as decorations.


I hope you all can make a tutu for yourself too. It was fun making my own tutu and you can untie the knot and remake a new TUTU after that!

I actually did a Vlog on how to do my makeup and hair but sadly it wasn’t really good! So I decided to give it a pass and I will do a better Vlog next year and promise to upload it ok?

The Eye Wide Shut, A Sexy Corset Party organized by Corset Me took place at The View, GTower, KL.

Corset Me ❤ holds a range of very diverse corset designs that is suitable for almost any event or function and even for office wear!


It is really hard to wear a corset by your own and walking and moving around with it is tough. However, it give instant boost of confidence just like high heel does!


But it is all worth it!! Yes I did not won the best dressed but I won a lot of girl’s heart. This is the only night that I felt really Beautiful and Gorgeous. Many girl walk to me and compliment that I look awesomely gorgeous. I’m not exaggerating but it is what happen that night. To those who compliment me, thank you so much for making me feel beautiful!

imageMe with Yuki Red heartRed heart

So many gorgeous lady that night and some of their costume is really amazing. Pictures time!


imageYuki, Ain and Me.

imageMe with Jaycee Koh owner of Corset Me.

imageMe with Sexy Leng Yein.

imageMe with Yuki.

imageMe, Michelle and Yuki.

That night was really my happiest night ever! I believe it goes to same every other girl who came for the event!! Special thanks to Jaycee Koh for the invitation and Yuki for teaching me to make the TUTU.

Well that’s all for tonight. Have a good night and wish everyone and early Merry Christmas!!



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