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December Catra Coffee Challenge: Dr. Cafe Coffee @ Solaris Dutamas

A shot of espresso is exactly what I need now! I’m stuck in my room at the moment and I don’t have a coffee machine. Santa will you be so kind to send me a coffee machine? Okay stop day dreaming, continuing my search for the best espresso or latte in Klang Valley, this December I step into Dr. Cafe Coffee at Solaris Dutamas.

20121123_202817The main entrance.

I placed my order at the counter for Coffee Latte.

20121123_202659The Cafe’s counter

I was really impressed with their hospitality when I asked the staff where can I get sofa seats with adapter. He literally walk me around the cafe suggesting me other seats since the sofas are taken.

20121123_202714Plenty of sofa available at Dr. Cafe Coffee

The cafe is very spacious and I love the bright lighting. I don’t fancy dim light whenever I need to work on my laptop.


Now the main highlight of the day, the coffee. Let’s go to the flavour of the Coffee Latte. Look at the milk foam, no creative coffee art just pour in the milk. The milk wasn’t too smooth but acceptable. Coffee taste alright but I prefer more coffee bean flavour and aroma. Lastly, I prefer to drink my hot latte in a porcelain cup rather than a paper cup. It totally turn down the entire coffee indulgence moment!


Despite the coffee, their WIFI speed is pretty good. I think it’s still a good place to hang out especially when you are near Publika.

Well I just tried one of their coffee, unsure whether the brew master wasn’t in good that day. Why don’t you all share with me your experience if you tried their coffee before?

Stay Tune for January Coffee Challenge, I’m gonna hunt down a good cuppa coffee!!



Coffee: 5/10
Price: 7/10
Facility: 8/10 (Spacious & Superb WIFI connection)
Ambient Environment: 8/10 (Plenty of sofa and bright lighting)
Service: 9/10

Dr Cafe Coffee Solaris Dutamas

Level G2, Block A4, Solaris Dutamas,

No. 1 Jalan Dutamas 1,

50480 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone- +603 6205 3096

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