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Halloween Dolly Makeup + Biore Eyes & Lip Makeup Remover Review

Yes Halloween Fall on 31st October technically it is over!! Heck, most of the time Halloween will still last another week after the exact date. All restaurant, club or pub are still having Halloween Related Party.

Earlier I did a Spidey Widow makeup, today I thought of doing dolly makeup and plan to dressed up as Magician this weekend.

Kinda sad that my video does not look good perhaps I need to practise more. So here is the video that inspire my look!!

and my tryout!


Next Monday will show you my full look with my costume!!

Meanwhile, after doing such a heavy makeup I am sure you need a very good makeup remover to ensure no traces left on your face especially the eye area.

I absolutely loving this Biore Eyes & Lip Makeup Remover that I just bought.

See the results!



Here’s my verdict:


  1. Does not hurt my eyes very delicate content
  2. Affordable price RM 29.90 each
  3. Cleanse all heavy makeup quickly including heavy liquid eyeliner


  1. The bottle chute is protruding which make it hard when pouring onto cotton pad. I prefer the flat type.


picture courtesy of

So go grab yourself a bottle for yourself!


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