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Veet it Off with Nuffnang: Imma Flaunt My Silky Smooth Skin with Confidence!

This spooky month of Halloween, I received my invitation to Halloween Party where I am going to meet a lot of people. Therefore, it is very important for me to be at my best appearance. This is my first year attending Halloween party and I really need something to boost up my confidence!!

Halloween Invitation Card!!

In order for me to fit into that sexy lacey dress, I decided to go to swimming pool to swim off all the calories build up through my food hunting. Before this I would cover myself with big T-Shirt before jumping into the pool because of the excessive hair grow on my arms, legs and bikini line. That was sad right?

Cover me Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee……….

I always envy those gorgeous lady wearing sexy bikini walk pass me. They have fair and silky smooth arm and legs….and most importantly their bikini line is so smooth and free from excessive hair!!!!

Look at her smooth and hair free skin!!! I want that too!!


Picture courtesy of Google image
Then I found my saviour, VEET Wax Strips!!! .
Where can you get Veet you ask? Look for Veet at any pharmacy or departmental stores!

The before me, don’t even wanna be shoot in camera whenever I’m not covered up! I only dare to show my hair on my head and please NOT the one on my arm, leg or bikini line!!!


Woooowww I couldn’t believe it myself, my skin is amazingly smooth and free from unwanted hairs… Even the short ones are gone….

Veet help to overcome my fear to flaunt my body & skin! I even uploaded my first video to YouTube to show How To Wax away the unwanted hair. No more Fear!!
and also video from Veet to show how simple to stay hairless for at least 4 weeks!!
Wanna see Clearer????? Here it is!!!
Can you see the the difference?
Bye bye to all my hair!!

Now I no longer worry about visibility of my hair. I could even wear bikini to swim and enjoy my time in the pool. No longer need to wear the old full swim suit already!!

I know, I know you wanna see more of me in Veetkini right??

Let me show you how I cut away all those fabric from that old piece of swimsuit and using my old bra
to redesign it into the ever
Stylish & Sexy Veetkini!! 
You will need this to start off this revamping!!
And off course the basic ones like scissor, needle & thread


Bikini Top

1. Remove the inner padding of the swimsuit.
2. Cut off the bra strap and the small ribbon. Keep it aside, I will need it later for decoration.
3. Cut the swimsuit into half.
4. Place the bra side end to the swim suit side end and then start sewing along the lines.


5. Wrap the swimsuit fabric along the edge of the bra and sew it. Slightly pull the shoulder strap of the swim suit to the back and secure it with threading. There you have the whole piece of bikini top.
6. Now, to prepare the neck strap for supporting, cut a strap from the remaining swimsuit fabric.
7. Cut two length of ribbons. Now you have total 3 length of strips.
8. Braid the 3 strips and attached it on the top side of the bikini top as a strap on the neck. (Make a total of 3 straps, one for the neck and two for the bikini underwear later)

9. Remember the little ribbon, I remove from the bra? Now sew the ribbon onto the center of the bikini and we are done for top part.
 Let’s proceed to Bikini Underwear now!!

Bikini Underwear

10. Cut the bottom portion according to your waist line.
11. Fold each side of the underwear and insert the braid that I braid earlier.
12. Next, place the bra strap lace on the top part of the underwear. (You can put anywhere you like based on your preference.
13. Then use a wide ribbon and cut the alphabet. Place the alphabets onto the front part and sew on it! (you can put any alphabets you like, for me, I believes VEET will bring me miracles!



Jeng Jengggg, my new VEETKINI!!
Can I hang this in the store for Sale???

This is no simple I tell you, the swimsuit fabric is really hard to stay in place and it’s stretchable properties make it even harder to measure and matched it to my size! But Veet gives me that confidence and motivation to finish it off!

All my confidence is back, I don’t mind wearing bikini to do photoshooting for the first time and publish it on my BLOG!!!

Let’s witness again the Huge Difference before and after I use VEET!! Surprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smile

I have always wanted to be shot like model in magazine! So come on over and join me in my first Model Wanna Be session with VEET!!!  Let me tell you how Veet change my life too…



















Alright, time to get serious!! Body is perfect now for my face I put on mask with VEET word! I trust VEET will do the magic!


and now Veet is Doing the Magic!!
Bippity, Boppity, Boooo!!! Veetit22
Then I become the Spidey Queen!!
Pooofff… Can you see my Radiant and glowing skin?
Veet is my new best friend now!!


Now is time to go to Halloween Party!!
I realize striking a pose in front of camera is so fun and easy!! No more worrying the crowd surrounding me whispering i have visible hair! Now they are GONEEEE!!

*Max Confidence level*


It’s so easy to attract Cute Guy now!!


And the tough ones too…


Even my lady friend love my skin and we decided to go shop for Veet this coming weekend too!!! YAY!!

For the rest of the night, I was busy dancing and drinking with newly met friends! Halloween has never been this awesome!  It’s really amazing what Veet’s wax strip could do!!! Not only leaving my skin hairless for weeks but also bring out my confidence that I’ve been looking for years!

So Gorgeous Ladies , grab a box of wax strip and experience it yourself.  This product is not only for girls ok?? So handsome guy out there, you could use wax to trim your hair so that it become more manly just like him!!

Look at that!!!! He did a very good job in grooming right? I feel like touching his abs…awww

Don’t you guy wanna be like him?


So bloggers, readers and everyone who is reading this; share with me your very own Veet it Off  moments and you could also win attractive prices by sharing it.

Grand Prize
RM 1,000 Cash
1 x Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 worth RM1,300
One-year supply of Veet products worth RM500
Second Prize
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1 x Pandora product worth RM800
One-year supply of Veet products worth RM500
Third Prize
RM 500 Cash
1 x Swarovski product worth RM400
One-year supply of Veet products worth RM500
10 Consolation Prizes
1 x Veet Hamper worth RM250

For more info on Nuffnang Veet it Off blog contest visit here

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Dateline is extended to 30th October 2012! So upload your blog post and picture now before it’s too late!!


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