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Senyju e @Curve: Coupon Deals Good or Bad?

Looking at the current trend of purchasing great coupon deals offered by various online websites, I bet one of you may have feel cheated at one time. It always happens when we realized whatever promises printed on the printout coupons was totally different from what we get when we visit the restaurant, salon, hotels or even when we receive the product. No doubt some of these coupons gives great slashed off price from the original price and some does in returns offer a great service or a delicious meal BUT some are just disappointing! For instant, I have recently purchased a coupons to perm my hair; it turns out real bad…not just the curl is not visible but my hair now become very dry ever since i went to that salon. I won’t mention names here but will show you the differences.

Picture couldn’t showed so clearly but whenever I go out, people around me would ask what happen to my hair, why is it so dry? I was heart broken when I heard that!!


After this, I swore I will never buy coupon for hair service again..NEVER!!

Okayyy enough of complaints, at times some of the coupons I bought was a real bargain just like this Senjyu 50% off RM 50 Cash Voucher. Read through my below review to justify this bargain.




We made a booking 3 days in advance, the staff pick up the phone call on our first attempt. Some restaurant only pick up after >3 attempts. No calls were made to confirmed our booking on the actual date but that’s doesn’t bother us too much as long as our seats is reserved.


We were greeted on our arrival and directed to our table. We love the table setting, tatami style but need not to bend our leg as the “hole” is deep enough to accommodate bottom half of our leg.

Diner wondering while waiting for their dishes.


While looking at the menu, the staff explained to us details of the dish when we questioned her. We settled down with total of 4 dishes.

The sushi and beverages bar..




We love the cooking moment in Korean BBQ and so we opt for this cute set of DIY Toriyaki Set, RM 20.00, it came together with 4 small side dishes; tuna (a bit fishy taste), pickle radish, pickle ginger and kimchi. No complains on the tiny dishes.


The chicken and vegetables to be cook later!!


Us with the DIY cooking tools20120811_174522

We begin by melting the butter on the non stick porcelain claypot. Entire area is perfumed with the butter aroma.


Then add on the leek, onion and carrot. Then when the vegetables becomes slightly brown, add on the chicken slice and the shimeiji and shitake mushroom.


And when the chicken slice is cooked, pick it on and munch it… The chicken is tender and not flaky nor rough, the butter able to infuse in depth into the chicken slices. Shimeiji mushroom were my favorite on that plate, it’s chewy and buttery soft.

After frying, we moved on the boiling the Beef Sukiyaki, RM 22.00.

Not much comment on the plain sukiyaki broth but the beef is something to highlight!!


Can you see the reddish pink color of the beef? this color is unusually tasty to me! And the fats ratio is so well spread across each slice? It taste so sweet soft and chewy at the same time. Good stuff I’d say!!


Slurp slurp…finished within a minute..


We then get our chopstick on the beautifully rolled Soft Shell Crab and Unagi Maki, RM 28.00. A twin roll indeed one top with soft shell crab and another one top with Unagi Cubes! Another fusion creations. Scrumptious bite on each piece, with right amount of mentai sauce layering the rice rolled in seaweed.


Freshly fried soft shell crab floating on top of the roll is crispy and juicy.


  Unagi cubes were so succulent, it sinks on the mentai sauce. So delicious…


The roll combination is fantastic!!

Before we end our meal, we were serve the Hana Sashimi Set, RM 38.00. Supposed to be the first one to serve but the kitchen missed out our order. But we totally forget about it once we saw the beautiful boat of the sashimi in front of our eyes.



Their Tagline “ freshness meets fusion” was proven true. Every raw slices is filled with sea sweetness. Look at the glossy finish, i guess you don’t need me to elaborate more… However a credit must be given to the baby abalone. The creamy soft-firm texture, I can’t stop wanting few more pieces.

Overall, the ambient here is very soothing and we love the attentive staff as our tea were never left half empty! Food is fresh and amazingly delicious, I’d say this is such GOOD coupons deal. What do you think? Good or Bad?



Lot G2 & G3, Ground Floor
[email protected], No. 2A Jalan PJU 7/3, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7727-9028

The bad thing about this coupons is:

“Only one coupon per bills/per visits/per table. Say for us, we need to top up another RM 70++ for the meal (2pax) and add another RM 25.00 for the coupon. Total of RM 95++. Without the coupons we might need to pay RM 120++. So in real, it’s about 20% discount. Bare in mind this discounted % depends on how much you ordered!”

Conclusion, we will still purchase coupons deals but on selected products and services.

“Also those who wants to purchase to, please read the fine prints carefully before click BUY!”


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