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Jam Hsiao’s World Tour Live In Malaysia

If you are a fan of  Taiwanese heartthrob Jam Hsiao (JH), you must have went to his World Tour Live at Arena Star in Malaysia last Saturday.

With a red tuxedo, tight red matching pants and his trademark sexy stare, many girls would die for him


Everyone is screaming excitedly even before the light are dimmed!!! Jam kicked off with Rhapsody, Tale of the White Snake, Leaving the Surface of the Earth, and Boundless Oceans Vast Skies.

JH performed most of his songs in Mandarin such as A Heart That is Too Soft (Xin Tai Ruan), Intimate love (Qin Mi Ai Ren), Lonesome or You (Ji Mou Hai Shi Ni), New Endless Love (Xin Bu Liao Qing), You (Ni), Princess (Wang Fei), and Ah Fei’s Little Butterfly (Ah Fei De Xiao Hu Die).


JH high energy level and his continuous interaction with audiences bring a huge success to his concert!!

JH even pull off  Michael Jackson’s scream bring lots of his fan went wild and replied to his question “We are fine, We Love You”loudly!!

After 1.5hours, JH retired backstage for a short break. He was soon back for an encore, finishing—predictable but satisfyingly—Princess and Ah Fei’s Little Butterfly


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