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Asia On Air Program: Awesomeness Things to Do in Korea

It was remorseful for not being able to continuously share with my readers on the fun in my last trip to Korea.

“Korea has too much to offer that I will never be able finish sharing the awesomeness of Korea!”

Last night, while browsing through Facebook, I came across this catchy picture share by my friend on this:


The born of Asian on Air Program, is a collaboration between Korean Air and Korea Tourism Organization. Asian on Air Program one the most popular platform for blogger to meet up in Korea to experience being Korean (by means eat, live and shop like Korean)

Beginning this 10th September 2012 to 23th September 2012 marks the most important period for those who interested to fly to Korea with all expensed paid. Wondered why so important? At this period, Asian on Air Program will conduct recruitment total of 20 peoples (10 bloggers & photographer & 10 for videographer) to join this all expenses paid 5 Day 4 Night trip to the beautiful KOREA!

Choose 1 from the 3 Categories in which participants will be recruit based on the following categories:

What to Do?
What to See?
What to Hear?
I asked myself over the night what I wanna DO if I be given opportunity to visit Korea again?
“Every neuron in my brain is working non-stopping sending signal to brain of every single memory I have in my last visit to Korea, it’s just too much and that I must return to all this places once again.“
Let me reconstruct some of the place that I want to revisit in a slide photos!
So are you ready to see my photo slides?? Let’s Begin Now!!
1. EVERLAND Resort
2. Hanbok Korean Traditional Costume
3. Famous Korea Hot Spring Dipping
4. Gyeongbokgung Palace

4. Yongduam Rock (Dragon head Rock)


 4. Nami Island


6. BBQ, Steamboat, Bulgogi & Local Snacks


7. Shopping @ Myeongdong Street!!
the list goes on and on.. .. ..
Need me to tell you more WHAT I WANT TO DO in Korea?? It’ll be never ending….
For more details of every places attractions and must do, please click here for my full story on my last trip to Korea.
So Korean Air & Korea Tourism Organization please select me to Join this program so I can take more pictures and experience it myself to share the more real stories to all the readers in the World!!!
And YOU READERS, I bet you want to visit all the places I showcase above right?? Don’t wait join the “Asia On Air Program”for your chance to win the 5D4N to the lovely Korea for FREE!! Yes all expenses paid!!!


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