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Pastry House @ Jalan Utara KL

Bread craft has improved a lot since my childhood day. I remember buying bread that are very simple when I was kid and it cost merely RM 1.00. Nowadays, bread is not just a dough with some simple filling but has escalated to stage where deep creative ideas is applied to every dough.

Drop by any bakery shop or pastry cafe, you will be able to see each and every single bread was carefully created with different toppings, fillings, pattern and flavors. Me and Thomas is a avid fan of all kinds of bread and nowadays its not like you can buy a bread for RM1.00 or even RM 2.00. It usually rank between RM 2.50 to RM 8.00 or more depends on location of the bakery shop and quality of the bread. No exception for Pastry House, PH too, their breads range from RM 3.90 to RM 7.90. Definitely not a cheap option if you decided to dine at bakery shops but if it is good why not right? The colorful setting looks promising..




Well, so here we are at Pastry House with the main motive to indulge in their AFFOGATO unfortunately not their pastries…. And YES we ordered Affogato Latte even before we begin to look at the menu.


Menu is simple, a piece of brown light weight paper listing pastas, pizzas and beverages.


That day wasn’t a hungry day so no mains ordered, only order another glass of Blue Spritz with Passion Fruit, RM 9.90. A refreshing blend of blue Curacao and passion fruit shot.


My love, Affogato Latte, RM 10.90 – creamy and rich. We think is slightly too sweet tooth for us. We prefer a stronger coffer flavor which this cup is lack off.

The Vanilla ice creams melts beautifully.PH3

We then peeked on the rack of pastry and bread but none attract us BUT the cakes.


We then order a piece of BlueBerry Cheese Cake, RM 8.90. Thick layer of blueberry jam, very appetizing. Flavor wise, it is very cheesy but prefer chewier cookies base.


We enjoyed the spacious dining area and the simplicity interior design.

A very green and soothing space for hanging out for a brunch..PH7

The bar, staff was too busy chatting.PH8

A length table for larger group of diners.PH9

Want some Vitamin D from the morning sunlight? This is the right space for breakfast!!PH11

Overall no complain on the pastry as we did not try it but we think their price is quite high vs the quality of food and drinks served. The staff doesn’t bother too much on diners needs..Most of the time they group together at the bar counter to chit chat. However, we really loves the wide open and spacious space. We definitely will revisit this place for their pasta and pizza. Oh yes their pastries too..

Picture with PH’s Background!




PH Pastry House

54 Jalan Utara,

55100 KL



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