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Mei Hiong Hainan Chicken Rice: Drunken Wine Chicken

If you remember, i post on their curry noodle previously and i mention about their superb drunken wine chicken. Click here for their awesome curry noodle review…


Tadaaa… Here it is!! Can you see the soup boiling inside the claypot? Lots of ginger and the chicken meat is infused with the sweet Chinese yellow wine. We finish the last drop of the sweet and hot drunken wine soup!!


The Hainan Steam Chicken,  meat is tough as they use kampung Chicken.. Whereby this chicken is allowed to run freely instead of being kept inside the barn.


The Braised Tofu is nothing so impressive…


There is also Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves.  Simple and delicious.


The Hainan Chicken rice is aromatic and steam to perfection.


This is my favorite food whenever i had hangover from Friday night party!! The hot drunken wine soup never fails to cure my headache and flu!!

Mei Hiong Hainan Chicken Rice

Jalan  Perdana 2,

Taman Segar Perdana,

43200 Selangor.


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