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Cycling Day @ Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya

We been planning to visit this place for a long time. Finally we decided to drag our ass away from our bed on the early Saturday morning (We used to sleep till noon on Saturday). With lot’s of spirit on that morning we made our sandwich with sunny side up and chicken patty to bring along.


Taman Pertanian (Botanical Garden) Bukit Cahaya is located in Shah Alam district. This botanical garden is house of parks & gardens, dams & lakes and villages & chalets. Ticket counter open from 8:30am to 4:30pm. For the entrance fee, adult(12 years old & above) RM 3.00, children (6-11 years old) RM 1.00 and senior citizen that above 55 years old FOC.

It is rather hard to get the exact location inside the google map or the GPS. Made a few U-Turn and finally we arrived around 10 am.

Direction Hint:

from Tesco Shah Alam go straight all the way till you reach roundabout,take 12 o’clock then pass by Concorde Hotel, after 3 traffic lights, turn right, to Jalan Liku 8/1, and there you are at Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam main entrance.

We bought Entrance Ticket @ RM 3.00 to visit the entire park (which included schedule Bus Ride around the park). Another attraction here is the 4 Season House cost RM 5.00 per entrance.


Before I begin, here are 5 useful tips for those who planning to spend a day here:

    1. Do wear comfortable clothing and covered shoes (sport shoes) as lot of walking is required.
    2. Be here by 8 am OR get ready to get melt under the hot sun!!
    3. Bring at least a 500ml drinking water to keep yourself hydrate.
    4. Ladies who want to cycle please bring Backpack or waist pouch for convenience!!
    5. Lastly put on plenty of sunblock to block the UV light!

First thing first, we hurry to the bicycle booth to avoid long queue. Heck, because we were here late we have to wait for >10 groups of peoples. WHAT???? Each group consist 5 or more peoples….


Fred not there is another option which you do not need to queue for it. HOW??? What else pay more for higher spec bicycle la..

Bicycle Rental Pricing:

Normal Bicycle : RM 5.00 for the first hour and additional RM 1.00 for every subsequent hours.


Premium Bicycle: RM 10.00 for the first hour and additional RM 10.00 for every subsequent hours.

Without need to wait, we happily collect the premium bicycle with 5 gear shifter which we think it helps to improve the speed…


Ride on to the map board to see which spot we want to go first.. Actually there is two way to travel around this park. We decided to cycle to the one on the left of the map:



I’m gonna tell you cycling here ain’t easy at all, but it is quite fun and windy when you cycling down the hill….Up the hill OMG…To a certain level of slope our leg gave up and we push the bicycle up the hill rather than pedal it up!!


Cycle and cycle we arrived at Fern Garden….Rest while taking some nice pictures..







Continue to cycle and reach the Skytrex. We definitely does not have any extra energy for that!!! So here we down the hill again and return our bicycle in an hour time else it will cost us a bomb!!!

We then sat at the bus stop waiting for our bus to travel to the other side of the park.

image image from google search

We stopped at Mushroom Garden.


Big Big Mushroom!!CHY14



Love the lilies grow on the lake…





There is also Spice Garden where we decided to skip looking at the bright shiny sun…I would melt without shade from the tall and huge trees..In addition, there is also Ornamental Garden, Orchid Garden, Cactus Garden and Bamboo Garden. We don’t have so much time and energy to cover all visit perhaps..

Finally the best spot of the day the 4 Season House, it supposed to be Summer but the little house still maintained at 22degC which is quite cooling for us. The entire house is decorated with a lot of flower and it portray a very Country feeling.


Finally one pic of him…he is a very good cameraman..CHY25


Colorful daisies…CHY24

We enjoyed every fun moment here and will come back to visit the other spot which we missed out this time!! But definitely will be here earlier!! So do plan a fun day trip here with your families or friends. It’s another healthy option to spend our weekends!!


Taman Pertanian (Botanical Garden)

Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam,

40000 Shah Alam,

Selangor, Malaysia.

Administration/Office Tel. No.:  +603 5510 6922

Booking Unit Tel. No.:  +603 5510 7048

Fax: +603 5510 0922

Main Highlights

Mini Zoo, Fish Feeding at Dam, Observation Tower, Cultural Village, Four season house

Activities Provided

Kayaking, Fishing, Skytrex Adventure Park, Flyingfox, Swimming, Jungle Trekking and Camping.


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