Shokudo, Armada Hotel PJ

Shokudo, Armada Hotel PJ is having half price promotion  during lunch for whole month of July and August. Knowing this, me and Thomas without a second thought went to the restaurant today.

We were kinda shock to see the restaurant setting. It was an open air setting just beside the lift exit. There were only like 8 tables there. Most of the table are meant for 2 pax…

Despite that we proceed to look at the menu…Well not much option.

The first were the salmon sashimi.First look at the colour wasn’t appealing..surprisingly the thick salmon slice is fresh and succulent. This is the best dish of this meal. 

The Kabayaki Unagi Set was disappointing. The unagi portion is small and yet only total of 3 slices on the corner of the bento container. The unagi was thin and slightly warm… The side salad dressing was not my favorite but ok to Thomas. The mixture of wasabi in the dressing killed it for me…I don’t like anything pungent. The accompanying chawan mushi with prawns, chicken, shitake mushroom and ginko was common. I prefer Rakuzen spongy and smoother version. The fruits were sweets!

This soft shell crab maki is freshly made to order. Warm and crispy crab on the bite with a lil sticky feeling of the rice. If the seaweed is crispier and filling is more moist with mayonnaise perhaps it will be tastier….

Don’t  be deceived by the colorful Shabu Shabu set. The broth by itself taste almost plain… We intend to add some soy sauce

but after heated up it became too sour as we add too much.. Despite that the beef slice is so fresh… The udon is great too. Too bad the broth failed either by itself or with the fillings…
Overall if the meal is at half price it really worth a try. With normal price, it’s bit too pricey for the food quality… 


Shokudo, Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya
Lot 6, Lorong Utara C,
Section 52, 46200 PJ, Selangor
GPS: 3.104199, 101.640964
Tel: 03-7954 6888


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