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Bandung the Factory Outlet Heaven & Yogyakarta the Paradise

Finally I managed to upload this post after so long in my waiting list…

I remember clearly on that day we reach airport at 5.45pm and hungriness surround my thoughts and wait no more head to Taste if Asia. Urghhh yucks the chicken rice was bad. We end up walking across to McDonald which finally satisfied our hungry stomach.

Day 1: Candle Light Supper


Agus our tour guide suggested to try out food at this Paskal Food Market. The food was good and is very westernized. Entire area is covered with LED lights and in the centre I can see a wishing statue with fountain.

I must say the parmesan cheese garnished on top of the chicken chop is really delicious.



Happy Family!!Bandung028

The night ends here, check in to Mutiara Hotel. I’ll give credit to the exterior environment that makes me feel totally in holiday mood. The plant surrounding is so refreshing and cooling. However, the interior (The room) is totally the opposite side where you can see small room, stinky wardrobe, dirty bathroom and old bed!! I don’t have time to bother, I need sleep…

Walking out of the room in the morning is great. Luckily we have our breakfast just right beside the swimming pool. Though the malay breakfast style is not my type, by sipping my coffee with a bite of toast next to the pool is great!




Day 2: Factory Outlet Shopping Spree


we spend a whole day glancing through tops and bottoms, trying pieces of cloths and flipping through price tag. For me, my favorite of all the factory outlet is Rumah Mode. Despite the beautiful design on the building, the fashion pieces in the stores is definitely great and edgy!!

My favorite picture of the trip!!.

Bandung006 Bandung007

Well picture is not allowed inside the outlet and I was busy shopping i kept my camera aside.

We head to one of the biggest shopping mall in Bandung, Paris Van De Jawa for lunch. We are too early, most of the restaurant is still preparing hence KFC is the only option!!1 Seriously the KFC is nothing compare to the one in KL…Weird is that they pair it with white rice and the sad part is there is not mash potatoes nor coleslaw!!

We begin our bumpy journey to Pengandaran Beach!


I’ll continue later..stay tune..

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