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Bandung the Factory Outlet Heaven & Yogyakarta the Paradise Part 3/3

Let Us Continues the Travelogue..

Day 5: Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu a well known crater in Bandung is the main attraction here!! As usual it was packed with tourist taking pictures every corner. The weather there was a little chilling so it was not that tired to climb up to the peak for a better angle shot!!


After a tired walk we rush to our long awaited lunch in Kampung Daun. The set up there was stunning. It definitely worth going for it though it is faraway!!

Bandung001This is the well known nasi ayam penyet, not my favorite because of the sambal!!I’m not a fan of chilies!!


The grill fish is so tender and juicy. Chew it on with the white fragrant rice is so appetizing.


This so called calzone, a type of pizza with filling inside. It was just ok for me!



Fried Kangkung, nothing special about it!


Overall, this place worth visit for it environment NOT the food as its rather expensive and portion is really small.

Next is still SHOPPING at Jalan Riau, we went to THE SECRET which was the best among others..It was raining in the evening we have to run from one shop to another. There after, we thought of having a nice massage at MERIANTI, price is cheap but I couldn’t remember the price. I was given a few type of aromatherapy oil to choose from i opt for Lavender as this will never go wrong. They do serve ginger tea after the massage.

Dinner was taken at a Chinese stall in front of our hotel, we order Cantonese fried mee, Loh Mee and fried rice. It wasn’t that good though..

Day 6: Brownies

The one thing that is must buy from Bandung is Brownies. Well to me it’s just like another piece of chocolate cake. At Kartika Sari, there are lots of different Brownies types available. Just choose the one you like and pay at the counter.




Almond Brownies is my favorite!!!

With the brownies, our trip end in Bandung and we head back to Kuala Lumpur after that!

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