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Pasta Zanmai

Last Thursday, Siew Ping called to meet up at Midvalley for a simple dinner. We decided to dine in Pasta Zanmai a subsidiary of Sushi Zanmai. Striking banner, big screen view through kitchen, deemed lighting and Japanese Wooden Table. This fine dining restaurant offered variety of Japanese Pasta, Japanese Rice and huge numbers of desserts. Even on thursday around 7 pm, the seats was full. Personally I never expected they have such numbers of admirer on weekdays. While waiting for some the table, I snap a few pictures.



Individual dish portraits hanging on every corner of the wall reflects how tasty the food could be even before you witness it with your mouth. The waiter was very attentive, by the time we got seated the menu was placed on the table. I even asked reviews on a few dishes before we placed our order. I loves the reachable kitchen utensil , spices and the cheese powder.


Actually, on that day I have my pre-dinner at home (mum’s anchovies clear broth steamboat) so I ordered hot green tea and the rest I left it to Siew Ping.



I was totally amazed by this tea set, the leaves patterned pot with Japanese shape crafted cup, its totally blow my mind. Seriously, I have never seen any beautiful piece like this served in retails restaurant (normally in tea house, where they sold wide range of teas) and this Green Tea Pot cost only RM 3.00. The tea was decent and the aroma of the green leaves emerged out from the little pipe of the pot just smells so good and so relaxing.

On the other hand, Siew Ping ordered cold version of Green Tea, RM 3.00. I am quite surprise to see the tall glass containing the breezy green tea, its very extraordinary. Obviously I love this arrangement as it cuts the hassle to call for refill!



Just on the single page menu, there were these values set which they offered 2 mini dishes at once at affordable prices. I really loves this idea as my greedy mouth get to taste more food varieties. Combination of Mini Fried Prawn Sesame Sauce Pasta, Mini Roasted Ell Rice and Miso Soup, RM 22.00 was magnificent.


Intense miso soup definitely warm up my stomach. The embedded seaweed and plenty of tofu at the bottom of the soup was delicious.


The fried prawn (or Tempura Prawn) was crispy yet tacky due to the sourish sesame sauce, it’s finger licking good! However I don’t fancy the spaghetti so much, most likely because the harden interior and also the sauce wasn’t appetizing!


The roasted ell ( or so called unagi) was my favorite that night.


Everyone should know I’m a egg (any forms) lover. The half cooked golden yolk was really sweet and sticky. Yum Yum loves it so much!


The sweetened black sauce over the unagi is indescribable, let the pictures speaks for itself!


and finally lots of snapshots of us chilling in these amazing dishes!



 PZIMG_1474-20100715 PZIMG_1482-20100715

PZIMG_1475-20100715 PZIMG_1477-20100715

Food: 8/10

Price: 8/10 (Affordable Value Set)

Cleanliness: 9/10

Ambient Environment: 9/10 (cozy and warm lighting)

Service: 7/10 ( Friendly staff)

Overall: 8/10


Mid Valley, KL

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